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Driving Etiquette in the UK today

Updated on February 8, 2016

Is it just me?

Ok, so this is my first ever blog and here goes...

I thought I'd start by addressing an issue which has grown increasingly apparent recently. Whilst driving to work one morning, I was forced off the road by a 'White Van' driver. The driver of the other vehicle did not stop and carried on driving even though he was driving on the wrong side of the road and was aware of the fallout from his dangerous driving. His/Her driving practices resulted in me driving up onto a pavement resulting in excess of £400.00 worth of damage.

This incident did, indeed, resonate with me for some time and has resulted in me constantly watching other drivers and their behaviours. If one were to search Youtube for videos illustrating this they would be inundated with examples of diving styles and behaviours from all corners of the globe.

My experience is that the common road user in the UK is capable of driving as they have passed one of the most stringent texts for driving in the world. But, what happens to the practices and attitudes of drivers beyond the test?

As a snapshot, looking out of my office window, I can see a heavily used dual carriageway leading to a double roundabout. As all UK drivers know or ought to know, inside lane would be for drivers turning right or going straight on and the outside lane for those wishes to turn right. From the two minutes of watching the unfolding day on the road, I have witnessed five cars using the right lane to turn left. I assume that this is because those drivers did not want to get stuck behind a learner driver, however, their manoeuvres were dangerous and resulted in other cars being forced to change their positions on the road. What happened to one of the most basic rules when learning to drive 'do not interfere with other road users'? I am sure that any readers of this article will be able to relate to incidents when they have experienced drivers being reckless or careless.

With this in mind, is this something which is as a result of today's society? MY personal belief is that yes it is. One would always like to think that we would be kind to one another and would be able to rely on the kindness of others if we needed to. However, my opinion is that we, as a society have become increasingly secular and do not like to engage with others. I think this extends to the practice of driving also. Next time you are driving consider how many near misses you see, how many drivers were reckless and how many times your right of way was interfered with by another.

Is it just me or is the attitude of others becoming more and more secular and selfish or is that we just don't care?


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