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Ducati Streetfighter : review, price and features

Updated on February 8, 2014

As Streetfighter is the successor of the most popular and famous monster S4R, therefore there are a lot of expectations from this new arrival of Ducati. Even before its launch from the factory of Ducati it became the most hot and buzzed matter among the bike lovers. This range also includes the names of popular bikes like Monster 796, Monster 696 and Monster 1100. A lighter 'S' version of this super-bike is also available in the markets.

The bike contains some really bold and muscular styling. The brilliant singular and totally digital speedometer display and the bar type rev counter of the bike further adds to its class. But it is difficult to read in direct sunlight. A dedicated button is provided in the bike which enables the bike rider to access the watch, twin trips, lap time, coolant temperature and the air temperature. The same button enables the rider to access the Ducati Traction Control (DTC) settings. Like all the other bikes of Ducati, this bike also comes with excellent quality switches and grips which are very comfortable. The enormous 16.5 Liter fuel tank of the bike also provides an excellent grip to the bike rider while riding the bike. The hunky steel frame of the bike provides it with the trademark look of the Ducati family bikes. Styling of the rear portion of the bike is also really stunning and the tail light of the bike is formed by a pair of stylish brake lamps of LED.

The bike has a powerful 1099 cc 4-stroke engine which is loaded with the feature of fuel injection. The bike shares its engine with the old 1098. The valves of the machine are mechanically operated by the Ducati's desmodromic feature. The excellent throttle body of the bike also provides the maximum output of 155 bhp at 500 revolutions per minute. At 9500 revolutions per minute the bike produces an extreme torque of 11.7 Kgm.

Ducati Streetfighter – overview

  • Cost – Rs 16 – 20.2 Lac ( ex-showroom price in Indian markets)
  • Wheelbase 1475 mm
  • Gears - 6 speed transition ( 1 down and rest 5 up)
  • Max. Torque - 11.7 Kgm @ 9500 revolutions per minute
  • Max. Power - 155 bhp @ 500 revolutions per minute
  • Mileage - 16-20 Km per Liter
  • Fuel capacity - 16.5 Liters
  • Weight - 167 Kg approx.
  • Engine details – liquid cooled, 4- stroke twin cylinder engine
  • Fuel injection - Yes
  • Clutch - multiple plate clutch with the feature of hydraulic control

The clutch of the bike is tooled with multiple plates and are little too heavy to operate. The bike is operated hydraulically and its acceleration is very mighty. While many competing rivals of this super-bike such as Honda CB1000R are known for their low and middle range grunt, whereas Streetfighter is in the middle and higher range of the grunt powerband which shows its masculinity. The accelerations of this super-bike is also very swift. If once reached over a speed of 150 Kmph, further increase in speed or progress in the speed of the bike is somewhat painful due to the absence of wind protection.

The Streetfighter S is also tooled with DTC which means Ducati Traction Control. This feature enables the bike rider to switch through the 8 different levels of the electronic intervention. If there occurs any difference in the speed of the front and the back tire of the bike, then it invites the electronics to jump in and decrease the ignition and sometimes it also acts as a fuel taper.

Now, when looking the bike from comfort point of view, it requires the rider to lean a little bit fir reaching the broad handlebar of the bike. So, there may be some discomfort in riding this bike in long journeys.

The bike is also loaded with 330 mm thick twin discs which have the Brembo Monobloc calipers (mounted radially) in the front and a 245 mm single disc in the back. These brakes a really very very powerful and have the capacity of performing some really powerful stops. The approximate estimated average of the bike falls in the range of 16-20 km-pl, which is very good for a super-bike like this.

The cost price of Streetfighter S is around $ 44855 i.e Rs 20,20,000 and the based model of this bike costs $ 35222 i.e Rs 15,85,000 ( these are the approximate ex-showroom prices in India). As a whole, Streetfighter's excellent features like great brakes, bold & hunky looks, superb performance and awesome handling makes it in the list of the best sports super-bikes. Other similar models like Monster 796 & Monster 110 are also good options for you if you are looking for relatively cheaper super-bike model with a 'Ducati' brand name associated with it.


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    • profile image

      selene mathew 6 years ago

      The all new Ducati Streetfighter gonna rock!! Just an amazing bike which is visual treat with its mean muscular aerodynamic shape.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      wow.... this is cool motorbike. I want to have one someday. Thanks for reviewing this. Good work, my friend. Have a great day!