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Updated on June 23, 2010

The story of my bikes

Quite a few years ago I became the proud owner of a bicycle. I have always enjoyed riding it - except up hills. And around our home there are a few slopes to master, and I confess I am a bit lazy. From our house there are not many good rides - I have to go about 30 minutes before I get to good riding paths, and I don't. I just take the poor old thing for a spin every now and then.

When I first came to China I was fascinated by the many e-bikes here - all shapes and sizes - all silently whizzing by in the midst of the chaotic traffic that is here. So many people on the roads all at once in so many different types of vehicles it is scary - but in China there is a very good system. A special pathway for bicycles, so you need not venture right into the heavy traffic. Except when you want to cross a road.

I bought an "ordinary" bicycle which I used on campus but it rusted very quickly. It is still here, but a sorry looking machine.

I mentioned to my husband that I'd consider buying an e-bike - and when I returned home from my second sojourn here, he surprised me with one. I got a shock when I saw it as it was not quite the style I had in mind. The one he bought for me was more motor bike style. I did venture out on the road with it but I found it heavy and I was completely out of my depth with it.

We've been trying to sell it - but there's been a problem with the battery. It has been an expensive exercise.

When I returned to China again in February, I looked at getting one here - a smaller one. To get around campus and nearby. I procrastinated for a few weeks but eventually I found an inexpensive one, and soon was zipping around the campus on my pink mean machine.

I do find it a lot of fun - and it does save my legs. It is over 1 km to my classroom and I sometimes go back and forth a few times a day. When I arrive there I have to walk up four flights of stairs too - so saving my legs has some appeal!!

As I gained confidence I took it on longer jaunts and have managed to go to places that I would never have walked. Taking photos all the way. I can carry my cameras in the basket that hangs from the handle bars. I can easily dodge students and other bikes, and have rarely had a near miss on the roads, but I am very cautious.

I've travelled around the canals to take photos. I have taken it to the supermarket which is quite a distance away. Walking distance - a long walk, but easier on the bike. I even managed to ride to the foot massage place too. (That's a great experience too!)

Last week I ventured in another direction. Still have a few more little trips planned to do before I leave next week.

I have made a commitment to buy one in Australia. I will sell my old bicycle and hopefully we will sell the "old" e-bike. I want something that is lighter and easier for me to use. I've found a place on the Internet - so will visit them when I return to Brisbane.

There are a couple that I have looked at here.

I've become quite adept at using the bike here, which is quite different of course to the ones I'm looking at in Oz, but I'm sure I will manage it. It will let me do the hills with a bit more ease!

It is easy to use and I just plug it into the power socket (I have a lead that agoes out the kitchen window and the bike is just below it.)  The cost of powering it up is minimal.  I can go for 24 kms on a full charging, and much further if you pedal from time to time, and I like pedalling.  It is easy and my legs get some exercise.

I've not had any problems with it.  One of the students, impressed by my machine, bought his own, but got a puncture in the first week and had to walk it home.  Grrrr.  I'd have hated that.

So far so good though.

I'm looking forward to the new one.

My pink mean machine in China
My pink mean machine in China


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    • Aussieteacher profile image

      Di 7 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

      The bike I am purchasing is legal on Australian roads, and I don't need any special licence or fees. Easy. I can also take it on a train - so if I want to take a longer journey somewhere I can go by train to shorten my journey on the bike.

    • profile image

      Eastin 7 years ago

      I don't know certain country allow this E-cycle to be on the road or not. Some requires road tax and certification on the engine it uses. If it is only used in a garden or housing area, then it should be safe as they are riding at reasonable speed.