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Make Money Selling Your Used Motorcycle Parts & Save Money Buying New parts with eBay Motors

Updated on December 11, 2011

Turning your old motorcycle parts into cash money!

I have always enjoyed my motorcycles riding, and after adding numerous upgrades to my Ducati S2R 1000 I was left with a pile of used OEM parts from my bike in my garage. That is when it hit me, I wonder how many other people out there have piles of left over OEM parts laying around their garages just like me. The awnser to this question is simple, there is lots of people out there with great used OEM parts laying around their garages just like you and me that are more than willing to sell them for little or no money, and allow you the oppurtunity to turn those parts into profit, profit, profit!

There are certain motorcycles and motorcycle parts you need to target when it comes to doing this. Through my own personal experience, and after doing my homework, I decided to target these two brands: Harley Davidson & Ducati, in order to get the profit per part sold on ebay.

The best parts to acquire to sell on ebay motors are also the first costly parts to go after even the most minor accident: handle bars, levers and mirrors. Also, handle bars, levers, and mirrors are often the first parts a motorcycle owner typically replaces when customizing his baby. Because of this, it is easy for you to find these used OEM parts, still in perfect condition, gathering dust in numerous rider's garages. Once you have located them, get them cleaned up and looking good as new, because you just found yourself some hidden treasure.


Whether you are selling old parts you have laying around your garage, or if you have managed to accumulate a large quantity of used OEM parts from your fellow riders, the most important factor when it comes to selling these parts on Ebay Motors as far as profit is concerned is:

1. Listing items correctly on ebay so you can maximize the number of times your item gets viewed, and to insure the people who want to buy it can easily find it.

2. Including a great product discription

3. Taking as many pictures of the product for sale as possible & adding them to your item's listing for potential buyers to see

When it comes to selling used OEM parts on Ebay you can never have to many pictures! Think of it this way, on Ebay there may be 10 other people who have listed the same exact product that you are selling for around the same price, but only have included 1 or 2 pictures of the part with their listing, and you have 10 pictures of the part you are selling. If you are a customer who is interested in buying this particuler item, whose do you think they are going to buy, the listings with 1 or 2 pictures, or your listing which has 10 pictures covering every possible angle of the product listed? 10 out of 10 times they are going to buy your product over all the other similar items listed, and chances are you will get better money for your product just by taking the extra time to include these extra pictures.

The same goes for your products discription, when you are creating the listing for your product do not try to cut corners and create the quickest product discription you can, take that extra 30 minutes and be as precise as possible when it comes to describing your item, be honest, and include every little detail that you can. Just like with the pictures, this is only going to help you to gain potential buyer's trust, and build value in what you are offering to them.


For riders in need of parts to get their baby looking like new again, Ebay Motors is an extremelly affordable way to due this. If you just happen to be a motorcycle owner, in need of some affordable OEM parts to replace some dinged up parts that are on your once beautiful baby, ebay motors is a great way to find them. Rather than spending a fortune replacing OEM parts you need for your bike by ordering them new through your local dealer or shop, instead go on ebay and find what you need for a fraction of what you would spend if you bought them for the manufacturer's retail price, which almost always is outrageous.



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      7 years ago

      I want to see your motorcycle with all of its upgrades. I did not know motorcycle parts could be sold for so much. If I buy parts I buy used motorcycle parts. Much less expensive. Great article. Thanks!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Now you can sell and search for used motorcycle parts at Search all our dealers at one with full access to our parts interchange.


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