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Electric Cars Fizzling, T Boone Pickens Is Right About Natural Gas

Updated on February 11, 2017

Electric Cars Fizzle

The 5/31/2012 report in the Wall Street Journal that details the fizzle of electric car battery companies, is enlightening regarding the future and importance of natural gas. The Obama administration has subsidized battery makers for electric cars up to $1.26 billion. This money should have been used to subsidize the T Boone Pickens plan to subsidize makers of long haul natural gas trucks at $190,000 per truck. They normally cost $100,000 per truck.

One million cars were projected by Obama as a goal. Only 50,000 have been sold, at half way to a six year goal. Large auto companies are having a hard time selling them. Some battery maker companies are on the verge of bankruptcy or restructuring after chapter 11.

At the same time, Congress due to the lobbying of the Koch brothers, has blocked the Pickens plan for eventual use of long haul trucks to use natural gas, and eventually convert automobiles. Private companies are taking up the challenge, and one outfit is going to set up 250 natural gas stations. There are presently almost no stations for natural gas across the nation. California has the most stations. Without subsidies, private companies will take much longer to put a dent in the carbon emission problem in cities. The abandonment of natural gas subsidies by Congress is a national catastrophe. Forty five percent of emissions are eliminated by natural gas usage. Coal operated power plants are being replaced by natural gas, providing cleaner energy for the nation.

To multiply the problem, the Sierra Club has taken up the cause against the use of natural gas as an interim solution to the oil import problem from the Middle East. Many months ago the Sierra Club was 100% behind natural gas as an interim solution. Now they are lobbying the Democratic Party to have a platform at the upcoming national convention that states they are opposed to natural gas as the solution to the nations energy problems, specifically frakking. Very few people understand the details of frakking. Read the latest issue of Fortune Magazine, and it will become more clear. There is endless propaganda that is factually false regarding frakking. The Sierra Club does not want natural gas prices to go up and infrastructure built out to the point where wind power, electric car, and solar are abandoned. Their solution is complete nonsense. Solar, wind, as well as electric cars are decades away as feasible technology, and their financial viability has not been proven. Now the electric car solution is hitting a fizzle.

It appears that the Sierra Club is contributing to the permanent brown cloud in cities and permanent oil wars in the Middle East. They have been effective in shutting down any nuclear power plant building for 30 years which in the long run may be a good thing. Now to shut down the drilling for natural gas could be a looming disaster. Natural gas is cheap, and it is the cleanest energy available at low cost, and proven to work well with trucks in California. It also has a proven track record of economic parity.

The Sierra Club wants it both ways which cannot happen for decades. The fizzled numbers on electric car sales proves that point, and proves the American public is not fond of electric cars.

Private risk takers in our free enterprise system have always led the nation to solutions that are pragmatic and at reasonable cost. When we see long haul truckers rolling across the nation with cheap clean energy, we will then know the wars will no longer be a permanent reality, and the air in American cities will not feel like you are smoking a cigarette. Lets hope the lobbyists from the Sierra Club do not make it impossible for this new energy revolution to work.


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