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Ed Hardy Koi Seat Covers Great Quality, Prices

Updated on September 27, 2010

Koi Seat Covers are a Great Addition to Your Car

Koi decals, foot mats plus many more other koi details for your house and now your car, can be added to get extra attention plus make you feel great because your car looks great.  Is your car seat ripping or fading because of that nasty effect the UV Rays have on them you can cover it up and even make it feel more comfortable for you and your guest.  These koi seat covers are great because the have a one size fits most.  Ed Hardy's Koi Seat Covers are another awesome looking colorful Art piece from him.

They are universal bucket seat covers and fit most seats with built-in or adjustable headrests. The covers provides protection against spills, stains, fading, pet hair and foot prints, crumbs, dirt. Whats nice about Ed Hardys products is that they coordinate with the other auto floor mats, window visor, steering wheel cover and more.  I just love all the koi products from shirts, to sneakers and watches and everything in between.  The quality of these seat covers is awesome I have had these seat covers for 5 months and not a bit a wear or tear.  I had a supposed Professional pair for 3 months from a different company and it tore real quick.

Ed Hardy's Koi Story

This is the story of Ed Hardy and how he came to be. "Known as the "the Godfather of modern tattoo", Don "Ed" Hardy first partnered with Christian Audigier in 2005 to bring tattoo culture into the world of fashion. His mesmerizing artwork is now emblazoned on an extensive collection of T-shirts, denim, underwear and accessories. The boldly colorful Ed Hardy designs stand in a tribute to the youth of America, vintage fashion, Hollywood stardom and motorcycle rebel culture."


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