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Electric Bike Chargers - Handy equipment

Updated on September 27, 2010

Electric bike chargers are used to recharge batteries. It is very essential for electric bicycle riders to get to know and maintain their batteries through the use of proper electric bike chargers.

First and foremost when it comes to maintaining the battery for an electric bike charger is use the supplied charger for the applicable battery. Do not use a cheap substitute, chances are it may damage the battery and limit its longevity. If one accidentally lose the charger or damages it, it is smart to ask the dealer for a replacement.

Battery chargers are particluarly designed for sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. Normally, any brand of SLA electric bike chargers may be used on electric bikes with SLA batteries provided the voltage, amperage, connector, pin polarities are the same as the bikes original battery charger.

Electric Bike Chargers
Electric Bike Chargers

Take note that the electric bike charger must be plugged into the bike first before plugging into the wall outlet. When charging is over, then unplug the charger first from the wall before removing it from the bike.

It is crucial to recharge the electric bike chargers immediately after every ride, although it maybe a short ride. Leaving an electric bike battery in a partially discharged state for some time does shorten the battery life.

When the electric bike would not be used for sometime or when it is in storage, the battery of electric bike chargers must be recharged every three months.

To maintain and preserve the life of batteries, it is required that one must use a slow rate electric bike charger. If the bike is being driven for more than one battery cycle per day, then it is suggested that one should use smaller electric bike charger overnight and a larger battery charger during the day.

The following “do not’s” is very important to prevent damage to the battery and the bicycle. Avoid using electric bike charger to power other electrical devices since this would result to damaged batteries and may even cause fires. Do not use any automotive or motorcycle chargers to recharge electric bike batteries. It will permanently damage the battery of the bicycle due to overcharging and overheating.

Keep in mind that the electric bicycle was designed to have a long life especially when you maintain it properly by using the right electric bike charger.


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