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Electric Scooter For Mobility Challenged Senior Adventurers

Updated on December 22, 2015

Cut The Ties That Bind You

Once limited to the slow lanes of sidewalks, Adveenturous handicapped boomers can now zoom along the walkways and city streets (where allowed) at a refreshing 15 mph. The new wave of handicapped electric scooters are sleek and comfortable and look nothing like the stodgy old 3 mph scooters of yesterday. Sound like fun? Read more at:

Let's Roll

Men and women who once depended on wheelchairs and ultra slow electric mobility scooters have discovered the newest generation of mobility scooters that are much more responsive. They are now enjoying the thrill of speeding safely through the streets and back roads of many Florida communities - and the craze is spreading to all corners of the country.

Once relegated to sidewalks and walking paths, some of the newest models of electric powered scooters are making quite an impact on the lives of many mobility limited folks. These are the people who were once stuck with stodgy electric scooters that crawled along at a snail's pace at a top speed of 2-4 mph. As a former owner of one of those old granny vehicles, my discovery of the latest sleek electric models offered at Amazon was an epiphany that changed my life.

15 mph feels like 60  Enjoy Life in the Fast Lane
15 mph feels like 60 Enjoy Life in the Fast Lane

No License or Permit Required to Drive Your Electric Scooter.

You may have reached the stage of life when your driving privileges have been taken away. It that's the case, your scooter can help. You don't need any special permits to drive your electric mobility cart. Be careful and you can have the run of the neighborhood. Visit neighbors. Head off to the park. Run errands. Pick up women or guys along the way. Have fun be mobile again.


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