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Emergency Road Safety Kit...For Roadside Emergencies in Your Car-Are You Prepared For Severe Winter Weather?

Updated on November 15, 2012

Emergency Road Safety Kit…Do you have one?


Do you have an Emergency kit in your car? Next to a spare tire and jack, that is something that every vehicle should have, whatever season it is.

Obviously, winter is the time when most of us think of having one of these--especially if you travel any distance on a regular basis. If you get caught in inclement weather in a stalled car, miles from home, are you prepared?

Help yourself--Help your loved ones, too...


Even if you have a cell phone and have service at the time to call for help, what if help can’t reach you right away? If your car won’t start and it’s freezing outside, it’s very important to keep yourself warm until help arrives. Or if you are stuck in snow--do you have the necessary items to dig yourself out, or to draw attention to your vehicle from others who may pass by?

With an Emergency Road Safety Kit, you have a much better chance of helping yourself--or others.

You can buy already put-together kits in many different sizes, and most come with at least a nominal First Aid Kit, which also is extremely important if someone gets injured and help is slow to arrive, or is you have a minor injury that would need attention right away.

Supplies for emergency safety kit

Below are items that you should try to have in your emergency kit:

Jumper cables

Flashlight with batteries, or crank-powered(best)

Solar blankets



All weather poncho

High Visibility Safety Vest

Triangle Reflectors

Emergency flairs

Glow Sticks

Tire Sealant

Hand and Feet warmer packets

First Aid Kit

Multipurpose Tool (or Flat & Phillips Head Screwdrivers, wrench, hammer)

Life Hammer" Emergency Hammer(used for breaking windows if trapped inside car, plus has a blade for cutting seatbelts )

Also good ideas, but probably not included in pre-packaged road kits, are a bag of kitty litter to use for traction under tires, a small, collapsible shovel, and a pre-paid cell phone, if you don’t normally carry one.

Keep safe--Please!


All of these could be kept together in a plastic bag, for protection from the elements, and then set inside a sturdy box, to keep in your trunk, or wherever you have storage.

Please consider putting one of these together, or ordering one already made--you never know when your life-or your loved ones--could depend on one of these!


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