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Everlight Manufacturing Launched High-Power Pivoting Work Lights with Magnetic Base

Updated on November 16, 2015

China, 9th November

Everlight Manufacturing, a reputable manufacturer and vendor of portable LED lights, recently unveiled two of their latest innovations, namely ELM-8218 and ELM-8219. According to a senior product manager of Everlight Manufacturing, both the newly launched products fall in the category of pivoting LED work lights. He added that both the models come with magnetic bases, hence swivel easily on their bases. He claimed that the new products are ergonomic and hard-wearing.

ELM-8218 and ELM-8219 are the latest in the series of ergonomic work lights that the China based Everlight Manufacturing offers now. The senior product manager who was talking to the press said that the latest products slightly vary in specifications. “While the portable work light mini ELM-8218 has got 3W COB LED at front and 1W LED on the top, the ELM-8219 model comes with almost same specification, with the only difference being the F5x4 LED on the top”, said Tim Huang, the senior product manager of Everlight. “Both the lights are heavy-duty, designed and manufactured for harsh working conditions and are affordable as well”, he added.

ELM-8218 and ELM-8219 were first unveiled at a trade show in China earlier this year. “We wanted to get expert reviews from the business leaders in the lighting industry as well as from other industries. This helped us in adding more sophisticated features to the product. Commercial production started only in October”, said a senior executive of Everlight Manufacturing. According to him, Everlight is a regular participant in several top trade shows that take place in China every year. “Whether it’s National Hardware Show or Hong Kong Electronics fair or China Yiwu International Commodities Fair, we never miss a chance when it comes to showcasing the best of our products”, said the executive.

When asked about whether they are now exporting ELM-8218 and ELM-8219 to European and North American dealers, a senior sales manager said “We received a few enquiries from international distributors during this year’s China International Hardware Show. As many of our products are already being exported to many foreign countries, we believe the newly launched products will also sell well in European and North American markets. Anyone who wishes to buy these products can also order ELM-8218 or ELM-8219 from our official website, with additional shipping charges may apply on online purchases”, the sales manager signed off.

About the Company

Everlight Manufacturing is a renowned Chinese vendor of LED lights.


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