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Excavator Final Drive Motors

Updated on August 11, 2016

Bobcat 325 final drive


Questions for you

If your excavator needed a new final drive, would you....

A. Buy a used one and hope it will work and last long enough to get the next job done?

B. Have someone rebuild your old motor, regardless of how long it takes or costs?

C. Bite the bullet and buy a new motor from the dealer?

D. Really bite the bullet and trade the machine in on a newer model?

Next Question:

How often do you service the final drive motors on your machine?

1. Once a year

2. Once every 2-3 years

3. Maybe once every 4-5 years

4. What is service?

Next Question:

What is your favorite brand of mini excavator?

1. Kubota

2. John Deere

3. Bobcat

4. Takeuchi

5. Kobelco

6. Komatsu

7. IHI

8. Yanmar

9. Caterpillar

10. Airman

Next Question

If you had to get a new mini excavator would you:

1. Rent

2. Lease

3. Buy new

4. Borrow from a friend

Next Question

What industry best describes your business

1. Agriculture

2. Landscaping

3. Pool construction

4. Septic system

5. Grading and paving

6. Irrigation and digging

7. Timber

8. Rental company

Next Question

How many excavators do you own?

A. 1-2

B. 2-5

C. 5-8

D. More than 8


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