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Economy MAXJET Parts Washer Replaces Higher Cost Unit

Updated on August 12, 2011
KC Auto Sports
KC Auto Sports
MaxJet MJ3045E Aqueous Parts Washer
MaxJet MJ3045E Aqueous Parts Washer

Repairing high quality automobiles is a way of life for the owners of KC Auto Sports. Established in 1989 by Tim McCrcaken and Tim Kliethermes, they built a loyal customer base by providing excellent service at a reasonable price. They maintain a complete auto repair facility, from a tune up to a complete engine overhaul.

Because of what they do, the aqueous parts washer is a very necessary piece of shop equipment for them. We were very proud that our MAXJET was chosen when they needed to replace their old trusty parts washer. They were delighted to find that our model MJ3045E could be purchased for less than 1/2 of what their previous distributor quoted them. They were skeptical at first at our very competitive prices, but we gave them our personal guarantee that "it cleans your parts or you get a 100% refund." Several weeks after delivery, the Tims reported that the cleaning job was just fine.

Quality Systems and KC Auto Sports both have the same philosophy - We simply try to do what we say when we say we are going to do it.

For more information on our high quality parts cleaning equipment and what we can do for you, visit us online at KC Quality Systems.

Interview with Tim


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