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Extending the Life of Your ATV Batteries

Updated on August 8, 2012

If you want your ATV batteries to be good to you whenever you need them, you have to take care of them. One of the best ways to keep an all-terrain-vehicle in driving condition is to pay attention to the battery. Some simple things can result in this vital piece of equipment not doing what it should, that is, starting up.

Caring for ATV batteries means that you will not need to replace them sooner than necessary. Following some simple maintenance tips is all it takes to keep these powerful vehicles and the necessary accessories in working order. When it comes to these power sources, manufacturers normally have information on their care available in brochures or online on their websites.

Basic Maintenance Tips

Fortunately, good quality ATV batteries do not need much maintenance when the vehicle is used regularly. The few things that are required do not take a lot of time, and can be part of the overall maintenance schedule. If the vehicle is winterized or stored for a while, then some additional steps need to be taken to extend their life.

Storing ATV Batteries

Some people winterize their ATVs during the cold winter months and proper storage is required to protect components. The energy in ATV batteries will drain if they are left in the vehicles for an extended period while not in use. While this draining is normal, it can be slowed.

Five tips for the proper storage are:

* Removing it from the vehicle once it is in storage is advisable, remember that even when the vehicle is not in use, components will still be using small amounts of battery power.

* Store in an area where it will not freeze as extreme cold causes damage, so the basement or garage are worth considering, but make sure the area is cool and dry.

* Placing them directly on concrete can cause power drainage.

* Never store them if they are not fully charged.

* Depending on the type used, check the electrolyte levels and top up if necessary; this can be done every few weeks.

* Check them at least every two months and charge them to maintain their charging power and life. Having a portable charger is a good idea as this will eliminate the need to put them back into the ATV to be charged.

Buying Chargers for ATV Batteries

If you own an all-terrain-vehicle, buying a charger is a good idea. The wide variety of chargers available on the market today means that costs relatively low and they are easy to find. The only requirement when buying chargers for ATV batteries is that you get the right type.

While it is possible to sometimes use car battery chargers, there are some differences. Understanding this will help to protect your equipment.

Some manufacturers of ATV batteries, such as MotoBatt, also make chargers and accessories, and it makes sense to stick with the brand you are familiar with. Getting advice from the store where you purchase your ATV supplies will help you get the right items. It is key to go to reliable stores in order to find ATV batteries. Many of these stores now stock one of the greatest advancement in technology in recent years, the maintenance charger.

When connected to ATV batteries, these smart chargers will detect if they are running low, and rectify the problem. Once charged, the maintenance charger will go into a standby mode until it detects that the charge is once again going low. The good thing about these devices is that they are simple to use. Once they are connected to the ATV batteries and an electrical power outlet, there is little left for the owner to do.

Winterizing or storing your all-terrain-vehicle for a long period no longer means that you will need to replace the power supply. With a little planning and care, the life of your power source can be extended even when it is not being used.


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