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FUTURE collapsable car watch and be amazed!

Updated on September 14, 2009

Imagine you drive a car, park , push on the remote and whoop... the car COLLAPSES and flies into your purse..hmmm nice dream BUT hey hello watch this whatdayasay now?

collapsable car WATCH

Will there indeed one day be such a thing?Or do you think this is just a "harry potter" imagination?

If yes will this be the solution forĀ  fuel prices and parking does this mean someone can start driving INSIDE A BUILDING!?

ok we know this video is for sure NOT going to happen but a similar car could definitely come out one day ,looks like the streets are going to be much wider with everyone carrying their cars in their handbags...:)ok this is imagination, but a car that folds in the size of trolley is possible!not that i would know how, but it's more realistic.

20 years ago we didn't think about mobile phones and all the technology we have now so in 20 years from now technology will be advanced hundreds times more than we can ever imagine.

NO PARKING TICKETS: how cool is that. Our kids will be able to afford all those things we wanted so badly but hadĀ  to pay PARKING TICKETS with that money!!

You can actually arrive on time at weddings, meetings, funeral's etc'...No more circling around the blocks for parking space.

So imagine seeing this sign at the entrance of all office builings, supermarkets, hospitals and all public buildings:

No cars allowed inside a building;)
No cars allowed inside a building;)
imagine this sign in front of supermarkets...
imagine this sign in front of supermarkets...

Well i wanna LOL about this but i guess we'll have to wait and see maybe someday my grandchild will tell me

"hey grandma, remember that hub you wrote about collapsable cars? well it's reality now check it out i even got one stored right under the couch..."

well, ...TO THE FUTURE!


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