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Phart Car

Updated on April 27, 2012

Smelly, but fast


No Bull

All these new vehicles, all these hybrids, all junk! People, we have the technology and we have the renewable, very low cost, alternative energy source not only of the future, butt, excuse the word play pun, we have not developed it on a grand scale.

Years ago, 1984 to be exact, I worked for Culligan as a plumber's apprentice, at that particular branch location, the work truck I drove was powered by LP gas, this was 28 years ago!

So here we are in yet another supply and demand hostage situation. Back in the seventies they said there was no more oil and prices shot up to about $1.50 per gallon and to make matters worse, in Maryland, my home state, they were rationing the gas according to the last numerical digit on your license plate. Odd days, odd number and even days, even number, all so you could go get no more than ten gallons at a time! Almost riots broke out, do we really want that again?

Who me a mechanic?

I'm not an auto mechanic, I'm a maintenance mechanic, but that doesn't mean I would not try tinkering with a car to save money and this my friends could be huge. FART CAR, that's right I said Fart and Car, as in a car that runs off of methane. No more oil, except for lubrication, only gas, the most natural gas we have and it's a renewable and sometimes green or could turn you that way, energy

About four years ago I was at the Del Rio Wastewater Treatment plant in San Antonio, Texas, this place was huge and with a capacity to treat up to 300 million gallons of raw sewage daily, you could imagine the stench from the methane, but what I saw was wasted energy. They were pulling the methane off of the lagoons of the treatment area to be burned and I got to tell you, the heat and flame from that was intense.



How do we harvest this energy source?

Well there seems to be a composter of sorts. They call it a digester. similar to a waste water treatment plant the sludge or solids of the waste are allowed to decompose and when they do a bio-gas (methane) is produced. The methane produced will burn, but can be of varying concentrations and is likely to have impurities that could be corrosive to metals. There is a way to release the methane form the impurities by scrubbing them from the bio-gas. the use of water will help with this.

Then we must draw off the gas and store it, from here we can compress it and possibly liquefy the gas on a large scale for the use of fuel in all our internal combustion engines.



Fart Car in the U.K.


Clean, renewable, cheaper and just plain right

I don't need to be chemical engineer to see all the positive possibilities in using methane over any other available fuel. No more oil dependency, no more unnecessary odors from waste treatments, no more toxic fumes, no more burning coal to produce electricity to power our electric cars, no more battery, hybrid cars with all their toxic, heavy metals and acid electrolytic liquids, no more wasted food sources from using them to produce bio-fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel. No more carbon footprints. as an example; gases such as LP gas with current technology in homes, makes a gas furnace 97% efficient, so efficient that the exhaust is now vented through PVC (plastic) flue piping rather than metal and on and on.

Our air will become cleaner, just as our water will become cleaner. No more Exxon Valdez Alaskan nightmares or BP oil rig debocles and we will be able to employ those who currently work in those fields, to begin work in this field, a field of green and renewable energy. A smarter way to live and to make a living.

Methane Digester

Will you please help?

Several countries are now pursuing this most highly, intelligent, alternative to fossil and plant based fuels. There seems to be hardly a buzz in my own country, the U.S. outside of use on a farm, what gives? can we not see the win win in all of this or has the buzz of clean coal and methanol/bio-diesel not only blinded us,but perhaps deafened us as well?

Please, spread the word, do some research on your own, get your kids involved. Tell them we can run our cars off of farts! They will get a big laugh out of that, but eventually and sooner than later I hope we all will be able to breath a little easier, have a fuller wallet, drink cleaner water (we wont need to continue the use of "Fracking" in seeking and extracting natural gas deposits) and again, this is so right for ourselves, our children and our planet.

Methane fueling station in Sweden



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