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Fashion Designer and Auto Makers: A Collaboration Between Giants

Updated on January 7, 2016

What happens when two of the biggest industries in the world fuse together their collective genius and create a design forged from the best of both worlds? When you think of two of the industries that are furthest away from each other, like fashion and automotive, you wouldn't think that they had anything in common. Fashion and automotive designers are so determined to create the best and most talked about creations in their industry that it doesn't seem plausible that they would come together and create a one of a kind design. Actually, there have been several rare instances where fashion designers have collaborated with automotive designers to construct a fusion formed from their ideals. The results range from pretty phenomenal to somewhat peculiar and even have popularity levels that range from sold out limited editions to discontinued unwanted models.

One of the most popular fashion and automotive fusion creation is the Fiat 500 from Gucci. This exclusive model has been offered only a small number of times and has been sold out every time. This particular Fiat 500 has its classic hatchback look and with its super recognizable bug-eyed headlights as well as a dash of the Gucci colors as well. Gucci is known for the green and red stripes that are emblazoned on their designer handbags and merchandise, so it makes perfect sense that the Fiat-Gucci collaboration would feature the most prominent and recognizable features of both brands. The double "G" logo is emblazoned on the door frames and special aluminum wheels. The Fiat-Gucci Edition commands a significantly higher price tag than the regular models and starts at $23,750 for the hardtop and $27,750 for the soft top. This is actually several thousands of dollars more than the regular model Fiat 500, but buyers are understandably paying for the brand and labeling costs as well as the super exclusive limited edition factor.

Gucci is even responsible for older model cars from the past, like the 1979 Cadillac Seville. When the Gucci edition Cadillac Seville was introduced, it was meant to be a special edition with an exclusive Italian flair and persona. Buyers had the option of choosing from white, black, or brown, but the special selling point was actually the interior and exterior design. The vinyl top covering the C-pillar featured the double Gucci "G" logo as well as a golden Gucci hood ornament and Gucci emblems. The front fenders had the Gucci insignia and the Gucci stripes on the trunk. The interior was also something that was brag worthy, as it had exclusive Gucci fabric for the headrests, floor mats, and arm rests. The Gucci nameplate stood front and center on the steering wheel hub as well as the dashboard pillars. All Gucci Edition Cadillac Sevilles came with a full set of Gucci luggage set for the ultimate Gucci brand aficionado. Since this edition Seville was extremely limited, they don't come up often for sale. To see one listed is very rare and is considered a collector's item.

Another older model car that got the designer treatment was the Continental Mark V back in the 1970s. This particular vehicle is now seen as quite a clunker, but its designer treatment is what makes the car so memorable. The Givenchy Mark V was and is considered one of the gaudiest cars by some car fans because of the sheer outrageous feature that marked the Givenchy collaboration. The Givenchy Mark V came in (for lack of a better word) a very unique paint color called Midnight Jade that was an eccentric dark green color. The interior came in two choices, called "Dark Jade" or "Majestic Velour" that is exactly what the name connotes. This is such a strange color combination from Givenchy that this model is practically a spectacle for fans and novices to gape at.

As we move into the future, we have the Nissan Pathfinder that got the Marc Ecko treatment. This Pathfinder matches the urban inspired fashion of Marc Ecko and while these cars are for promotional purposes, they are still view-able for the design. The Ecko Pathfinder edition has a gray camouflage paint job that features the rhinos that are discreetly hiding in the paint. The huge wheels and orange rims are extremely flashy and are designed to grab the attention of passersby. The orange and gray color scheme is a juxtaposition of the muted grayscale street wear mixed with the eccentric and flashy patterns of the urban chic.

While designer collaborated cars are pretty rare, they are still a sight to see. While most of the collaborations are for promotional purposes and not meant for sale, they can still be admired as a statement piece that different industries can come together to create something new. Perhaps you may even come across a collaboration car for sale on auctions that you could even tweak with your own aftermarket design. The end result would be quite a show stopper and may even sport some new exterior light kit or even some super cool grille emblems that would make the designer car one of a kind. Next time when you see a unique car on the road, imagine what it would look like if it was fused with the designer touch.


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