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Faster Trucks - Speed Governor Control System for Big-Rigs, Semi-Trucks, 18-Wheelers

Updated on October 19, 2011

How To Disable Speed Limiters Big-Rigs

If your big truck is too slow for the freeway and you have become a rolling road block because of a speed governor, click here for truck driver's solution to this serious safety problem.

Unique Trucker Products - Increase Speed Governor - Big-Rigs - 18-wheeler

Here are a few products I've found that can make a big difference to the professional Truck driver.

Maintaining Traffic Flow when passing Turnpike Doubles (Rocky Mountain Doubles)

This video demonstrates how increased truck speed can keep traffic moving when passing slower vehicles on the freeway. More Truck Videos Here:

Elephant Races in Big-Rigs
Elephant Races in Big-Rigs

Big Rigs and Speed Governors

Trucking Companies that have large fleets of big rig trucks install speed governors to control costs. Speed governor's limit the maximum, top speed of the vehicle in order to maximize fuel savings and expand company earnings. If these speed limiters are set too low they can become Dangerous.

For truck drivers these speed governors can be a very frustrating feature because sometimes extra speed is required in certain driving conditions that demand higher speeds for ultimate safety.

There is a company at (click on the picture) that offers a device called the SafetyPass pro. This small device allows the truck driver to control and adjust vehicle speed as necessary to provide for the safest operating environment given the traffic conditions.

The SafetyPass Pro works independently from the truck speed governor and is very simple to install. It works on the majority of 18-wheeler's,semi big rigs, road trains, fire trucks and smaller straight trucks like 6-wheelers. In fact, 98% of Big-Rigs on the road today can use this device because it just plugs-in to existing existing vehicle connectors.

For a vehicle as large as a tractor trailer, passing another truck can be a risky task at the best of times. Not only for the truck driver but for the motoring public as well. Consequently, hundreds of drivers from 9 different countries have found the SafetyPass Pro speed governor control system to be an indespensible tool so they can pass quickly and safely.

When a large vehicle like a big-rig attempts to pass another slower moving vehicle with a similar speed governor setting, it can take as long as ten minutes to complete a pass. During this time the traffic flow is impeded (slowed down). The traffic following the big-rig's can pile up to the rear causing a dangerous proximity between vehicles. This can cause frustration, road-rage, traffic jams and unsafe following distances.

Passing another big rig can be a risky proposition - particularly on two-lane highways. To reduce the risk of head-on collisions has come up with a way to give drivers a means of bypassing speed governor control when they need to accelerate to a speed that is most appropriate for the given situation.


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