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Favorite type of car

Updated on March 29, 2012

When it comes to cars, I can be a little uninformed. One can say I am not the type who is so big on wanting to know about cars, let alone know about the new styles of cars that are coming out or sometimes even their manufacturer. Sometimes I will look at car and my brothers will ask, "Do you know what kind of car that it?" and I will look at them and say, "No". Who can say that they know every car and every model, including the manufacturer?

Now one manufacturer I am aware of is Ford, my family owns two Fords, and F150 four door crew cab. I own the other Ford Taurus SEL, now you probably ask how do I know that well, we own them and I have gotten to know mine for about four years now. Along with the Fords we also have a Hyundai Elantra, now that is one cute car, I really like them. Those are the main ones that I can think of because of course we own them. The cars that we have are reliable and we are able to trust the manufacturer. The more we take care of them, it seems we can get more out of them and they last longer.

Then there is Chevrolet, Izuzu, Honda and the Volkswagon. I know that there is more but those I am not too familiar with because most of my family members really own a Ford or Honda. I am sure that you can say your have your favorite manufacturers andmodels because everyone does. Some of you may even like the ones that come from Europe or even China.

So do you usually stick with a certain manufacturer when it comes to purchasing a new or used car? What is your favorite type of car?


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 5 years ago from El Paso

      That is interesting:). Thanks for stopping by.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      I'm a Toyota fan. My husband is Honda. This makes us a mixed marriage!:)