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Fiat-Chrysler Recalls Over 1 Million Vehicles

Updated on May 2, 2016

While I’m not the most organized person in the world, there’s one thing that I usually don’t lose…and that’s my Car.

Well this is the problem of many Fiat Chrysler owners as there have been reports of cars rolling away after the owner thought is was “in park”. Fiat Chrysler has issued a recall on over 1.1 million vehicles because of this, as the gearshift in these cars isn’t distinct enough, and leads people to think the car is actually in park.

At first this may seem like a hilarious “Dude Where’s my Car” movie scenario filled with laughter and shenanigans. Its really much less funny when you’re a 40 year old business man with a meeting to get to in 15 minutes, but your car just rolled into the Potomac river…..ok well its funny if you’re not him.

This isn’t a problem plaguing just Chrysler model cars, as Fiat Chrysler owns many other brands including, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Trucks and even Maserati.

The Recall includes everything from model 2012-2014 Dodge Chargers, to 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokees. So while I’m not trying to use scare tactics, it does mean there’s a very good chance that the car you’re rolling around in issssss a total death trap.

This recall comes after around 40 injuries were reported, pertaining to the car continuing to move forward and hitting vehicles, other pedestrians, or the driver themselves.

Ya know, cause there’s nothing like pulling up to your best girls house for your first date, getting out of the car to greet her, and having your own car come alive Decepticon style and run you over…..

While there are currently blinking lights and warning chimes to alert drivers they aren’t in park, Chrysler must realize that we live in a world where unless the car physically wont let us, we are so distracted and forgetful as a society that we will get out of a moving car and special force’s tuck and roll rather than take an extra 5 seconds to make sure we’re in park.

An investigative safety firm, Safety Research and Strategies, has established that a large part of the problem is the differences between mechanical and electrical transmissions. As in the past a majority of cars automatic transmissions were mechanical and this made it easier to truly see what gear the vehicle was in. Apposed to an electronic transmission, where the gearshift returns to its upright position after being used and a light indicates what gear you are now in.

Electronic Shift (Left) Mechanical Shift (Right)

Whether this is just a glitch with the automotive industry catching up with new technology, or the first move by computers to ultimately destroy mankind, I suppose only time will tell……it’s probably the first thing.

-Sean Hill

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