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Finding the Car Parts You Need at the Price You Want

Updated on June 6, 2012

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, personal transportation has been increasingly dominated by one mode of travel:the automobile.As billions have come to employ the use of contemporary cars in their everyday lives, the need for automotive reliability has reached a climax.To meet these needs, countless automotive repair, maintenance, and part companies have opened their doors, yet consumers still often feel limited by the options at hand.In this case, though, convenience and impatience cause consumers to doom themselves in the face of adequate options; looking to replace a part on one’s vehicle, there a few strategies that can save the average consumer from suffering the unnecessary setbacks so common today.

Don't Forget the Part Number

A fog light cover grille?  Even the most obscure parts can be found with the correct part number in hand.
A fog light cover grille? Even the most obscure parts can be found with the correct part number in hand.

Even in times of financial crisis in modern society, cars remain a necessity for those who must travel relatively long distances to make a living; in this way, much like sustenance and healthcare, people often times forced to repair their vehicles regardless of price.Though this may be true at times, it does not imply that individuals cannot find ways to limit the costs of their needed fixes.There are three key stages in finding the correct part for your car at the right price:identification, selection, and verification.

As stated here, identification most nearly means gaining proper knowledge of the part needed, leaving no doubts in your wake.To identify the part, there are several methods.If you know the name of the part, it is wise to call the closest dealership of the manufacturer in question to find the part number corresponding to the needed item.Once you’ve gained this, you can often use an Internet search engine to price your part, typing in the name of your manufacturer followed by the part number (similar variations may produce better results).Once you have the part name, part number, and part appearance in mind (which should be shown on parts found using the search engine), you are ready for the next step in the process.

Selection simply involves finding a selling source which fits your preferences for value and quality.An original part from the manufacturer will usually be more expensive than an aftermarket version (a variation of the part not made by the manufacturer), often more expensive, but it bears the advantage of matching exactly the part initially found in your vehicle.Once again, search engines are integral in the process, as you can find a plethora of different variations of your part for varying prices; it is also fruitful to read reviews of the sites you buy from (and of the part you’re buying).

To verify in the process of part replacement means a couple of things; first, it means verifying whether you want/can install the part by yourself.Many look to install parts themselves to avoid exorbitant labor charges, but you must verify that you are capable of correctly doing the job in order to prevent damage to your vehicle and part.The other verification represents a final check of all parts involved in the process, including insuring the correct part number, the reputation of the seller, the cost of the part (as well as shipping and/or labor), and the quality of the part.The most important aspect of the process is keying in on the correct part number; once it’s obtained and put to proper use, the options for satisfactory part replacement seldom disappoint.


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