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Tricks to Find Free Auto Repair Manuals.

Updated on April 7, 2015
 Free auto repair manuals
Free auto repair manuals

Know the tricks to find free auto repair manuals online

Here I am going to reveal few novel tricks to find free online auto repair manuals for cars of any make and model to help you to carry out whatever repairs you need for your car. Being a Corolla owner, here in this article I would give example of finding Toyota corolla owner’s manual, while explaining the tricks.

The tips given here relate to the procedure you need to know to carry out online search for the desired free auto repair manuals. For application of the tricks you need only an internet connection for your computer. Once you become conversant with the searching procedure you can very easily locate the right documents relating to the ‘do it yourself’ free car repair manuals for a particular model of any car and go for download of the owners manual. Normally when you want to carry out a repair of your car you are to choose one from the following four types of automotive manuals:

1. General Manuals;

2. Diagnosis Manuals

3. Repair Manuals

4. Maintenance Manuals

As an example, let me explain the search procedure to be followed to find the free Toyota corolla owner’s manual online you may need under the above four types of automotive repair documents.

General Manuals

Most of the general car repair manuals relate to make of the vehicle. In these manuals you will get step by step instructions to carry out repairs specific for different makes of vehicle in the auto market. Now how to find the free auto repair manuals for your particular car? For example if you have a Toyota Corolla 2007 model and you want to find the Toyota corolla owner’s manual for this model of your car, you are to carry out the following search in the search engine (without quotes).

"Free car manuals Toyota Corolla +2007".

In the search result you will find a long list of web sites providing you all kinds of information about free Toyota corolla owner’s manual 2007 model car from where you can choose according to your requirement.

 Free online auto repair manuals
Free online auto repair manuals | Source

Diagnosis Manuals

Diagnosis description manual for car repairs are also divided according to make and model of vehicles in the auto market. These are further sub-divided by areas of the car requiring repair. For example, starting problems, transmission problems, cooling problems, engine problems, brake problems etc. Suppose you have a brake problem and you require diagnosis information for this. You are to perform the following search in a search engine (without quotes):

"Car diagnosis manual+ brake problem+ Toyota Corolla"

In the search result pages you will get series of documents containing information pertaining to the problem of your Toyota car from which you can select the most applicable one. You can even find free diagnostic trees to help you to diagnose a problem with an automobile.

One of the most irritating situations you have probably run into more than once is to hear some disturbing noise from some place in your car without knowing the exact source, because you are not sure whether the signal is serious or not. You will be surprised that there are many websites which can help you to diagnose such problems from the vibration signals or noises. For this you are to carry out search by the nature of the sound like "whine noise", "drive-line vibration" or "shifter knocks". Your search phrase should be as below (without quotes),

"Whine noise in car diagnosis manual+ Toyota Corolla”

Free online auto repair manuals

Apart from finding the regular owner’s manual online for your Toyota corolla or for that matter any other car you need, there are also many good car repair websites where you will find useful instructive articles that can solve any specific problem of your car. Therefore, before performing search for free auto repair manuals for specific cars you required to find out such instructive documents on the web for which you need to sub-divide the areas of the vehicle to be repaired namely exhaust repair, body repair, suspension repair, interior repair etc. For finding the document for a particular area of repair you are to perform the search the same way as done before i.e. "car repair manual + the area of repair” and to go through the search results for finding the specific document.

Maintenance Manuals

Though car maintenance is specific to the make and model of a car there are few maintenance issues like engine wash, oil changing, air filter changing, fluid maintenance, tier maintenance etc. which are common whether you have Toyota corolla, Honda, Ford or Mercedes. Nevertheless, in order to get access to maintenance manuals of vehicles of specific makes and models you are required to perform web search by the search phrase "car maintenance description manual + make and model of the car”


In short, once you know the method of search as indicated above to find Toyota corolla owner’s manual as an example, for different categories of repairs, and start performing the web search in connection with fixing your vehicle problems, you will be surprised to find that the internet has an incredible amount of free car care information. To download these free auto repair manuals you only need to know the exact procedure for finding the online owner's manual you need for a specific make and model of the vehicle


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