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First to Electronic Fuel Injection:Chevy Cosworth Vega 1975

Updated on July 28, 2010
Cosworth Vega fuel injector
Cosworth Vega fuel injector
Fuel Injection Location
Fuel Injection Location

 Electronic fuel injection is standard for nearly all cars today, but they were seldom available before 1975. The first standard equipped car with fuel injection was the Chevy Cosworth Vega in 1975.

The fuel injection was an electro-mechanical solenoid used to meter and atomize fuel which contained a plunger attached to a needle valve that when activated would open when directed by the car's on-board computer or ECU. The injector was capable of opening and closing in a period of 2 ms. Average time was from 2-10 ms. The injected fuel atomized when it met the air from the throttle body.

The car used two sets of two injectors and always activated as a group and not individually. The fuel would be atomized completely before the intake valve is reached. A group of injectors would inject once every 720 degrees of crankshaft rotation. If the throttle was wide open, or floored, all injectors would inject every 360 deg. of crankshaft rotation.

The injectors were mounted on a fuel rail and positioned to deirect the fuel to the top side of the intake valve. They could only be mounted in one way, yet were interchangeable between cylinders, however, they were not adjustable nor could be repaired. If one injector was bad of a group, only that one had to be replaced. The kicker was that if an injector was replaced the new unit had to have the identical part number as the defective injector!

Foreign injectors could not be used in the Vega. Thus, collectors today may have problems should their injectors fail and finding that identical part number.


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