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Fisker Karma or Karma Fisker: What is it?

Updated on February 19, 2012

Here are some clues:

  • It costs $100,000
  • Built in Orange County, California
  • An electric hybrid
  • Built by Fisker
  • Weighs 5300 lbs.

Give up? Okay, it is a slick 52 MPG+ rated, electric 403 Hp, 0-60 mph in 6 seconds American sports car. Fisker Karma invokes some sort of meditation technique, yet it is about as far away from this as one can get. The car is designed by Henrik Fisker. Until he left BMW, he designed their Z8, and the Aston Martin DB9. Since 2007, 1500 units of this car have been built and has $850 million invested. The car is uses technology of the future today in some ways, for instance, its roof is a solar panel collector! It uses lightweight Lucite panels for parts of the body. The car, when driven, truly sounds like those in the Tron movie-a hum. Of course, while it is a hybrid, it does have a small 2.0L 260 hp turbo engine. Naturally, you can use the gas engine or use all electric, which has a range of 50 miles. Even in the electric mode, the car zooms from 0-60 with top speed of 95 mph. The electric portion has a wallop when in Sport mode which energizes two 201 hp electric motors in the rear! It can easily keep up with the Porsche Panamera S.

If you buy one, the government will give you a $7500 tax credit (Fisker borrowed $169 million from the Dept. of Energy. Hey, what a deal!!!!


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    • AlexanderP profile image

      AlexanderP 5 years ago

      finally a hybrid that looks like a normal car, but also looks better than most cars. electric does not have to equal boring or ugly anymore, thank you Mr Fisker.

    • FGual profile image

      FGual 5 years ago from USA

      Hello Perrya. This vehicle was news a few weeks ago, seems to me it was made in Finland and Fisker was criticized for outsourcing jobs. Maybe not the same car. Another alternative energy handout gone bad. Buyers of 100K cars need incentives?. Hopefully this advanced technology gets funneled into affordable vehicles. Great solar panel roof idea, they beat the biggies to it.