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Ford Capri

Updated on January 29, 2014


The Capri had been around for many years before this model was to come into being. This face lift version was the version of the car that most people remember simply because of its looks. It created and defined an image in Britain in the Late 70's and early 80's that created a cult. Even till this day in good condition these cars are still sort after.

Originally nicknamed project alpha during development it was one of the many variations of the Ford Capri. The care which started out looking quite pretty in its early days had developed a hatred for all it seems in its new incarnation. This Mark 3 face-lift model entered production in 1978 with a wide range of engines.

The most sort after model however was the 3 liter v6 model which was water cooled with a 4 speed manual or automatic gearbox. 0-60 came in a leisurely 8.8 seconds and weighing just over 2.5 tons you could see why. The car was rear wheel drive with a front mounted engine which did cause a riot when you put your foot to the floor.

When this version of the Capri came out it was essentially doing very well however the overall range of the car was not and the sales slump that had plagued the entire production line began to affect the vehicle. This model of the Capri also featured in the Geneva Motor Show and received a large audience. The 4 front headlamp , chubby tires , rear spoiler and trademark black grill became the main attraction for this semi sports car.

After the sales slump Ford marketers realized that the UK market was actually doing well for them. As a result they started to scale back on their other operations and focus mainly on Britain where most cars were being sold. The fleet sales of the car were also scaled back and more private sales were taking place giving higher margins. During most of its production life this car was on of Britain's most sort after sports coupe', it was also one of the most stolen cars in Britain as well. Which prompted the Home Office to put the car onto a High risk list of vehicles.

The 3.0 litre was also model was featured in the series of The professional which featured the two main characters both driving the vehicle. This to some extent kept the sales of the car up in Britain at least.


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