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Ford Cars, How They All Began

Updated on February 4, 2009

America on Wheels

1908 was a year of great significance and historic importance as Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company from Detroit USA produced its first Ford Model T motor car. The car was also known as the Flivver or Tin Lizzie.

This was now the age when motor cars came into popular usage, not only the rich were able to have enjoy the joys and freedoms of motoring, when, as some say, “It put America on Wheels”. There were two main reasons for this change to the American society they were:

1) 1) It was the birth of the assembly line

2) 2) A ready market was also created by Henry Ford paying his workers a wage that was proportional to the cost of the car.

Vintage Car
Vintage Car

New Speed Record

The Model T was not the first car produced by Henry Ford. There were several cars produced or prototyped beforehand starting from 1903 in fact Ford and his team went through 19 letters of the alphabet first.

To realise his dreams Henry Ford had various backers these included the city’s mayor and a local lumber baron, who in 1899, formed the Detroit Automobile Company (later the Henry Ford Company). During the early years Henry Ford experimented with different types of cars including building a racing car known as the 999. Although This was not the only racing car that Henry Ford built it was his most famous. It was driven by Barney Oldfield and it set several new speed records.

Racing to Victory

Ford placed many of his cars in races as a form of marketing. This strategy really paid off as it gave him an advantage over some of his contemporaries and got his cars noticed so that when they were produced there was an interested market to sell them to.

A year after the car plant opened in 1903 Henry Ford opened up his first foreign car plant in Ontario Canada. Following on the heels of the Ford Model T in 1927 was the new version of the Ford Model A. Henry Ford had realised his dreams and left a lasting legacy not only for his family but also for the world evidence, of which are still felt by us today.

Vintage Car Racing


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