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Ford Escape - America’s best selling SUV’s

Updated on April 6, 2013

America’s best selling SUV’s

The Ford Escape is one of America’s best selling SUV’s and it has managed to retain its position in spite of many other vehicles available in the particular segment. The design of the Ford escape appeals to a lot of people and this makes it successful. It has a new athletic look and is completely new compared to the older models.

  • Performance & Fuel economy
  • Features
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Safety & Quality

Ford Escape – Performance & Fuel Economy

The Ford Escape is available in base models and top turbo models. The base model has a168 hp four-cylinder engine whereas the top turbo model has a 1.6 liter 178 hp four-cylinder engine. All versions are available with a six-speed automatic.

With the 2.5 (liter), 168 hp four-cylinder engine, Ford Escape has an EPA of 22 miles per gallon in city and 31 miles per gallon on the highway. The car is available in different price ranges depending on the features. It is one of the most affordable models in this price range. The new revamped look makes it attractive and much loved.

Ford Escape – Features

The Ford Escape has some amazing features that lift it well into the luxury league. The features of this car include air conditioner, cloth seats, power windows, auxiliary jack, AM, FM and CD player with six speakers, satellite radio, Bluetooth driven SYNC controller, keypad entry on the door frame, 17 inch wheels, heated front seats, USB ports, RCA jacks for gaming and dual zone climate control.

Ford Escape – Interiors & Exteriors

The Ford Escape has an entirely new interior and exterior styling done and this makes it look dynamic and elegant. The cabin is made of high quality material and this makes it very comfortable. The rear seat can be easily folded and this ensures that loading cargo is easier. The MyFord touch systems help in minimizing the number of buttons. The touch systems use voice commands and large touch screen and you can make use of them while driving.

Ford Escape – Safety & Quality

The new Ford Escape has some amazing safety technology that ensures a secure ride. The safety features include anti lock brakes, side, curtain and dual front airbags and traction and stability control. The standard curve control assists a driver when approach a corner too quickly by cutting power to the four wheels and this enable them to drive safely.

The MyKey systems installed on Ford Escape have an amazing security feature especially for young drivers as they place limits on the speed and volume. The other safety features include front and rear parking sensors, rearview camera and electric power steering. These features ensure that you park your Ford in a safe way.

The overall length, cargo space and wheelbase have increased in the new Ford Escape and this makes it spacious and comfortable. The seats are firm and slim providing more space in the cabin. The cargo space is also larger as the back seats can be easily folded for more space.


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