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Ford F-150 Raptor: Always All American

Updated on February 18, 2015

When you think of some famous American icons, what comes to mind? For starters, Americans are known for their love of the trustworthy pickup truck that has been a staple of American lifestyle ever since automobiles were first invented. One of the most famous American car companies is Ford Motors and their line of trucks. We're going to focus on one special truck from the line, The Ford F-150 Raptor that is exactly as fierce as it sounds.

The Ford F-150 Raptor was actually introduced not too long ago, in 2009. Immediately, the popularity of the Raptor shot up tremendously as truck fans rushed to Ford dealerships to secure one for themselves. The Ford F-150 is an off-road truck that can traverse through all kinds of rugged terrain and uninhabited territory as easily as a raptor would have ran through the prehistoric forest. This huge pickup truck is so aptly named for its reptilian counterpart, as it's as unrelenting and aggressive a ride as any. The Ford Raptor has a 5.5 foot long box with a whopping 320 hp V8 engine or even an optional 411 hp V8 engine from its coveted Super Duty line of vehicles. It came with a six-speed automatic transmission as standard. People from around the world raved about this American truck and all of the features that came with it, as it was rugged enough to be an American classic, but had enough modern amenities and technology to be a luxurious ride.

Sales for the Ford Raptor absolutely went through the roof as people who engaged in off-roading absolutely swore by its efficiency and ability to go through all sorts of terrain. The first ever Raptor was painted in a molten orange color that's reminiscent of an erupting volcano and even sold for a whopping $130,000 at an auction. That's an incredible amount to think about since you can get exotic supercars for that price. This goes to show just how popular this legendary American truck is. The available colors are especially vibrant and classic as well, with white, black, blue flames and a volcanic orange color. Classic American movies always feature that truck or sports car with flames painted on it as a tradition, and this Raptor is no different!

The Ford F-150 Raptor is different from other F-150s with a sleek composite hood and new bypass shocks. It has an electronic differential locker the driver can choose to lock when the truck is going at high speeds on off-road and uninhabited terrain. Since there are all sorts of off-road activities like sand duning, raiding, and cross-country roading, the Raptor must always be prepared to traverse all kinds of areas in all kinds of weather. On the other end of the spectrum, the interior is also extremely important as well. The Raptor is constructed with high quality, soft materials with a comfortable ride for all passengers. It's obvious that this truck is going to have a spacious cabin, so when you combine the roominess of the interior with the high end materials, this makes the truck quite a top notch vehicle to have. You have cruise control, navigation, and a nice infotainment system that has the latest technology so that it gives drivers the ultimate experience whether they are on the paved roads or even in uncharted territory. This is the perfect truck for the adrenaline junkie as well as the owner who likes to keep it classy.

All of these options sound mighty expensive, but the final sticker price actually came out to around 42,000 dollars in 2010. This makes the Raptor affordable for many individuals and caters to some of the main concerns of buyers, including durability, reliability, and price point. Many people would be concerned about the sticker prices of the cars they purchase, but the Ford F-150 Raptor is reasonably priced to accommodate all kinds of buyers with different interests.

Along with the popularity of the Ford F-150 Raptor came the aftermarket alternatives and add-ons that are available for Raptor owners to install onto their prized truck. There is a wide variety from wheels, grilles, new LED lights, body kits, and tons of other choices. With the wide variety available for everywhere, owners have a chance to create their own specific truck that is completely personalized to their own specifications.

There is no doubt that this specific Raptor series will become an American phenomenon and be a part of the American dream for years to come. Truck lovers of all ages can come to appreciate this truck and all that it has to offer, since its versatility practically has no boundaries.


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