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Forever Tire and Renaissance

Updated on November 17, 2013

The future is frightening I know. But we have been programmed to fear it by society. An airless tire has been an idea for so long I hate thinking about it. Before we get to facts we must see technology as it is, a tool like a brush or a pencil. Having said that I feel I must state what I have been thinking for since before I could drive, we are heading down a path where technologies will last centuries, not a couple of decades. What it does is exactly what you know it does, it gives the people in the countries that have the means to get them and slowly even third world countries.

Yet the question still remains what happens then? Where is the job market I've spend a hundred thousand dollars on an education for? Will it crumble? Cause it surely is a little cracked now. What will we do?

To paraphrase Bob Marley's son, we can put a man on the moon but can't feed the starving tummies.

Fact: If an airless tire went on sale and everyone had them within two years, it would be anarchy

I google Mapped tire US and got 10,000 business i think, average (lightly) 5 people per business, including manufacturing jobs and that is 50,000

Now, search wheel US, repair shops, and tow truck and I would imagine it would be quite a significant thing

I hate to sound like a crazy ranting skeptic but you see why we have to fear the future because it is very very dangerous. But maybe think, this is only one technology, imagine artificial intelligence and cheap medicine and limitless others.

So I am not forming an opinion on a revolution, but we're long overdue for one of how we view the rest of the world. I just want another thinking to help me along the way of discovering a future that may be doom or may be gloom.


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