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Formula 1 – The Ferraris Make Some Noise

Updated on March 26, 2010
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The Formula 1 Season 2010 successfully got kick started at Bahrain on Sunday the 14th of March, 2010. The cars made some noise but it was the Ferraris that made the noise that was most heard. The Ferraris pranced its way up the top slots of the podium. A silver dart in the form of a McLaren hit spot on the remaining position on the podium. Thus the race to the Championship has now started.

The Red Bull of Vettel did have wings during the qualifying sessions and the starting segments of the race, but, like the energy drink, the energy did not last long, it just wore off. A mechanical problem started wearing down the car during the race and the car started losing positions as quick as the bat of an eye. The Ferrari of Alonso was the first to prance at the de-energized Red Bull of Vettel. The Ferrari of Massa too jumped ahead in no time, and very soon a silver arrow of Hamilton sped past the tired Red Bull. The Red Bull was definitely ‘exhausted’.

The race was soon over else Mercedes GP Rosberg’s car would have run all over poor Vettel, thus Vettel held on to his consolatory fourth place. The legend, making his comeback, proved his mantle by garnering a well deserved sixth place. Michael Schumacher had retired from Formula 1in the year 2006. He managed to hold his position from the fire breathing silver dart of Button. Button, the reigning world champion drives the McLaren and finished seventh.

The Reb Bull of Mark Webber followed the McLaren of Button to the chequered flag. Mark Webber’s car literally farted out the cars of Kubica of Renault and Sutil of Force India during the starting lap of the race. Thus Liuzzi of Force India had to hold onto his nerves and put Force India on to the ninth place. Webber’s Red Bull that caused the initial lap, farting incident, came eighth.

Barrichelo took the last remaining point by brining home his Williams car to a tenth place. Post the Red Bull incident, at the start of the race, Kubica brought home his Renault in the eleventh position, whilst, Sutil brought home his Force India to a twelfth position.

The next of the positions were occupied by Alguersuari for Toro Rosso and Hulkenberg of Williams. Thirteenth went to Alguersuari and fourteenth went to Hulkenberg.

Amongst the new teams Lotus showed some promise and brought home both of their cars. Kovalainen of Lotus finished fifteenth, followed by Buemi of Toro Rosso for sixteenth. Trulli brought home the last of the Lotus at the seventeenth position.

The cars that got retired included both of the HRTs. Chandhok said bye to the Bahrain circuit in his second lap and crashed his HRT beyond salvage; his mistake he said later, a very ‘promise’ing guy indeed. The other HRT of Senna had an engine problem. The Virgins had too many mechanical problems and hence dropped out; Glock and di Grassi were the drivers. Petrov’s Renault had a suspension problem which went unnoticed during the tests and engineers are now correcting the designs to prevent the problem from recurring. The BMW-Saubers of la Rosa and Kobayshi retired with hydraulics problems.

Don’t fall for the names, the BMW-Saubers are fitted with Ferrari engines, mind you. The names are just Formula1 politicks.

Thus ended the Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix; everyone had something good to savor except for the guy who has his name as Sebastian Vettel. “It should have been Red Bull’s day,” he keeps saying in his sleep. He would indeed recover from his exhaustion, no doubt, Red Bull that he drinks.


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