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Free Online Auto Insurance Quotes - Huh?

Updated on January 26, 2014

Choose an Auto Insurer on Price?

I probably should have titled this “Buying Automobile Insurance Online, are You Sure You want to do that?”

Okay so you need insurance and you forgot to put on your thinking cap so you hit the Web and start your search. Do you ever stop and ask yourself why am I searching for something like Auto Insurance Online? Seriously does the fact that it’s an online search make it easier or is it just that you will somehow get some magic deal because it’s online? Maybe it’s because you’ll discover something new… perhaps an auto insurer you have never heard of before?

This is news to me but “free” followed by whatever car insurance company or phrase you decide to enter isn’t going to matter. Free quotes are just an open invitation for you to be hard sold over the telephone. When you are buying automobile insurance price is important... but not the most important consideration.

Where are the Paid Auto Insurance Quotes?

Do you know anyone who is willing to call up an insurer or fill out an insurance quote for and expect to be charged? Would you pay someone up front to sell you something you are not sure they can offer to you at a competitive price? Car insurance is big money. Here is how it works… company A determines a rate for your State. Company A then goes about “Marketing” their rate by telling you how much cheaper they are… but seldom do these companies tell you “how much better” they are… or at least they provide no proof. Company A already knows how much money they are going to make off of your insurance premiums. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be in business.

So when you are shopping for insurance you are better off figuring out exactly what you need and then get your premium quotes. So what do you need? How do you know? The key to understanding how much auto insurance coverage you need, is knowing how much risk you are willing to assume in the event of an accident. I’m not sure you can get that from filling out an online form for free online auto insurance quotes, are you?

For example:

In my Sate of Nevada the “Minimum” required insurance is 15/30/10 but what does that mean?

It means in the event of an accident I am covered by the Insurer for $15,000 injury per one person per accident, $30,000 for all people injured in the accident, and $10,000 in property damage. If I purchase the “Minimum” I had better hope I don’t actually get into an accident because that money is going to be gone I a hurry and I’m going to be sued. You can get the numbers for your State at Edmunds Auto Insurance Tips.

Auto Insurance is mandated… it’s something you should expect to shop around for and comparison shop. But how can you compare if you don’t know what you really need? If you damage your own car that’s one thing, but how about the $50,000 SUV you may collide with? Will your liability coverage cover your car and their car? Do you need additional collision coverage? Do you need comprehensive coverage to insure your vehicle in the event of non-accident related damages? There really is a lot to know about automobile insurance and you are taking a large risk if you just buy your insurance coverage based on some online quote.

Find a few reputable insurance agents in your area… pick up the telephone and discuss your options. You need to know that in the event of an accident you have help to get through the paperwork, finding the repair services, etc.

I know from experience that you don’t always get what you pay for… I was hit by a commercial vehicle and the insurance company I had to deal with had the worst customer service on the planet. Fortunately after nearly 3 months I was able to get the issue resolved. Had I been at fault and had them as my insurer I probably would have been sued.

Sometimes you get what you pay for… and ignorance is not an excuse in a court of law. So go ahead and get your “free” quotes, but before you jump on board with ABC Online Insurance or any other company that does not have local offices in your city, you may want to consider what you are really getting yourself into.

I use a local agent, I compare their rates now and again, and when I have questions I pick up the telephone and I call them. That’s me… I like to make sure I have done things right and as a marketer of many business products and services I choose to steer clear of online auto insurance companies.

Going to Need an Insurance Company you can Count On?

State Minimums are probably not going to cover this Car Accident. Who you choose to insure you is as important ast price.
State Minimums are probably not going to cover this Car Accident. Who you choose to insure you is as important ast price.


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  • Carol the Writer profile image

    Carolyn Blacknall 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Yep, it's always a good idea to have an agent. Good hub!

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Good information