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GM Deindustrialization

Updated on September 22, 2012

Tragedy- A drama with an unhappy ending.

In the situation of deindustrializing, tragedy is an understatement. When this happens, it affects not just the people who worked at the company, but everyone in the area. It ruins our economy, our way of life. It leaves our cities helpless. How can the people that run these companies let this happen to our communities?

I can’t believe that our government would allow such a thing like deindustrializing to happen which causes urban decay. It starts off slowly in Flint. First they lay off 3,400 workers, then 1,300, then 3,600, and then another 4,500 more until there’s no one left with a job. They shut down all of the plants sending everyone home packing. It’s unbelievable to me that this could even be thought of. The company is making so much money and yet it’s not enough. When will it be enough? Will it be enough when no one in our country has a stable job anymore? Sending these companies to other countries doesn’t help ours, it ruins it. People need to start focusing on what’s important, which is US. We need to build our country and get people back on their feet. If we weren’t paying other countries to do the jobs for us, we’d be a lot better off. We would have less people relying on welfare to support their families.

When GM decided to close down their plants and open them up somewhere else where they only had to pay their employees seventy cents, ruined Flint. That decision ripped away everything from the families that lived there. Everyday people were getting evicted from their homes and living on the streets with their children. Roger Smith, Owner of GM, brought something good to that community, then he just ripped that away just so in the end, he could make more profit. Houses were beginning to become abandoned, people had to move to other cities and states. People became so desperate, they took any job they could. Which included becoming a statue at parties while the rich were hanging out happily around them. It got so bad in Flint that even the population of rats exceeded that of the townsfolk. One person had a steady job from the product of Roger Smith closing down the plants, Fred Ross. His job was to evict people from their homes, and he sure had plenty of work to do. It broke my heart to see a family pack up all of their stuff, including their Christmas present and Christmas tree. He even evicted 24 families from their homes in one day. Of course he’s not the bad guy, he’s just doing his job. Roger Smith wasn’t doing his job. He was just being a greedy old man, trying to make more and more money. He’s the bad guy. People tried getting other jobs but it was just too hard. The factory workers couldn’t even keep up working at Taco Bell.

Once the job market decreased and Flint’s economy went to hell, people started committing crimes. They were doing everything they could to get their families what they needed, by robbing people and businesses. Crime was so high, they didn’t even have enough jail cells to hold everyone. It’s ironic how some factory workers were in jail, and then their old coworkers from the plant were the jail guards.

The governor James Blanchard even hires a preacher to try and bring hope to the Flint community, which cost $20,000. I don’t think he should’ve used all that money on a preacher. He should’ve used that money to jump start a project that brought more jobs to Flint. He does try later down the road, but that didn’t work out too well. He should’ve done something else besides boring museums and what-not. Flint became the unemployment capital of the country, and half of the people that lived there were on government assistance. They also dubbed it the worst place to live in the country as well.

Deindustrialization isn’t just in Flint with GM. It happens everywhere. A smaller comparison I have is Comcast. They have outsourced to other countries like India. Every time I call them for assistance, I get a different person to talk to, and each person has a foreign accent, and it’s really hard to understand them. It’s ridiculous. I know people in other countries need help to grow, but so do the people here in America. We need to focus on getting our people off of the streets and fed.

I do believe these companies have an obligation to our communities like Flint. They have an obligation to America. How can we keep providing opportunities for these other countries when we can’t even give Americans these same opportunities? It bothers me so much that they pass along jobs just to make so much in profit, when they would make profit either way.

I hate this but it’s true:

The rich get richer,

While the poor get poorer.

Family getting kicked out of their home on Christmas because they couldn't pay their rent anymore.
Family getting kicked out of their home on Christmas because they couldn't pay their rent anymore.
A woman is breeding and selling rabbits so she can make money to survive.
A woman is breeding and selling rabbits so she can make money to survive.


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