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Should you go for a Permanent or Temporary GPS Car Mount?

Updated on November 13, 2014

A GPS Navigator is an essential device that everyone needs to have in their car nowadays. It really comes in handy, if you are travelling to new places doing your business marketing and sales jobs. Gps system is a small device but nevertheless, it can be loaded with tons of maps of places that you want to go. It will show you important landmarks of the places so that you won’t miss your route easily.

Well, enough to say that a gps navigator is great but how about using it while in your car. Some people refer to mount it inside the car while some don’t; they just find a place to put it and when needed, they grab it up. Between the two, it is highly advisable that you install a gps car mount that can hold your navigator while on the road.

Having the gps navigator system mounted on easily visible places such as on the dashboard or using a suction holder that holds it on the screen will definitely provide you with great access as all you need to do is just glance on it without needing you to take off your eyes from the road. It only takes slight of your attention.

GPS Car Mount
GPS Car Mount

If you are looking for a gps car mount, there are actually two options for you: permanent mount and temporary mount. A permanent mount is the type of mounting that once installed could not be taken out.

Normally with this type of mount, you will need a certified technician to do it as modifications are needed to be done on the wiring aspects. This mount will be integrated with your car system and for that your gps unit will be charged while it is dock onto it.

Most people do not prefer this type of mount as it is not convenient and taking off the gps unit will require some efforts. Besides, you will only be able to use the mount only in one car so it will cause you problem (cost you to spend for another) when switching car.

The temporary gps car mount on the other hand is much preferred option. This mount as it name suggests is the type of mount where it can be taken out from the vehicle very easily. Most of this mount has a suction that makes it to stick onto the wide screen or placed on the dashboard without needing to put on the screws.

Most importantly, you don't need to mess with the wiring aspect of the car which most people fear to do. However, unlike the permanent type unit, this mount does not integrate with your car system and so it will not charge your gps unit when needed. If charging is needed, you can always buy charging unit adapter for the car use, it won’t cost you very much.

Besides, with the temporary mount, you will be able to change its position in the case it you don’t like it or when you have found a much more comfortable position or viewing angle that does not strain your eye very much. The suction mount that sticks to your windscreen is great since you can concentrate on the road while referring to the gps unit. This will definitely reduce the risk of accident since it does not steal your attention very much.

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  • Tolovaj profile image

    Tolovaj 3 years ago

    GPS became 'a must' very fast after introduction. I actually never thought of permanent mount because it is less convenient, but I guess in some cases it makes sense to decide for this option.