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Gas Theft

Updated on July 18, 2016
CREDIT CARD USERS: Be aware of your surroundings when Paying At the Pump.
CREDIT CARD USERS: Be aware of your surroundings when Paying At the Pump.

I know we’ve all heard about the stories of people pumping gas before paying, and driving off. But have you ever heard of being robbed of your credit card, once you’ve paid for and pumped your gas? I know it sounds crazy, but it can happen. And it has happened!

A friend of my aunt had pulled up to a gas station, a man standing in the parking lot offered to pump the gas for her, and afterwards stole enough gas to fill three other vehicles - on her credit card!.. “I pulled up to this gas station because there were plenty of people there,” she stated. (This lady will remain anonymous for her safety, but her story needs to reach any and everyone that it may help in the future.) “And even with all those people there, no one came to my rescue.”

Alone In A Crowded Place

It’s a sad thing, but one to make you be even more aware of what can happen while you’re trying to get your gas. The story continued as she told of how it exactly happened:

She was using the ‘pay at the pump’ with her credit card and noticed this man approaching her. The man asked her if she wanted him to pump the gas for her, and although she was hesitant, she allowed him to pump the gas as she returned to her car. While sitting in her car, she noticed that the man had not returned the nozzle into its slot, but he told her that he’d pumped her gas and it was okay to leave. But she didn’t wish to leave until she knew for a fact that he had returned the nozzle into its proper place; see, when you replace the nozzle, your credit card transaction is completed and you have the choice of either receiving a receipt inside the gas station or at the pump. But since the man hadn’t replaced the nozzle, her transaction was still active.

Needless to say the woman began to motion for him to go ahead and replace the nozzle, but during that time she also noticed three cars approaching them. Becoming frightened and alarmed at something illegal going on, she refused to leave her credit left for anyone to use. Her brave attempt to save her credit was stomped by the man getting agitated and fierce with her and he started yelling at her, using strong profanity and obscenities, telling her to move out the way. Before she could reject, one of the approaching vehicles began moving closer to her car, bumping her out of the way! The nerve of some people, you say? Well, it gets better. While her car is physically being pushed out of the way by the other vehicle, other patrons at the gas station paid no mind to her dilemma and no one came to her rescue.


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Feeling helpless and wanting to save her own life, the lady, after being pushed, left the gas station. But my question is this: Why didn’t she go straight to the police? Her reply was that they (police) wasn’t going to do anything. And of course, I had to state that it was the proper thing to do once you’ve been ‘robbed’; isn’t that what had happened?

She reported the dilemma to her credit card company and was told that it would have to be an investigation, and asked her if she had reported it to the police - guess what she said? Of course it was no, and of course that left the credit card company to look at her case going into the wastebasket.

GAS THEFT IS SERIOUS: In some states, you'll lose your driver's license for stealing gas - and definitely have a fine, and possibly jail time.
GAS THEFT IS SERIOUS: In some states, you'll lose your driver's license for stealing gas - and definitely have a fine, and possibly jail time. | Source


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