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Gems or Junk part 1

Updated on July 29, 2011

Are Classic Cars Worth Collecting

The Answer Is Yes... and No.If you see classic cars as a investment I suggest you to leave them alone because the truth is cars are a lot like the stock market but worse, not all cars are valuable and not all models or years are valuable.A 1955 2 door coupe is worth in the range of $1200 in bad shape to over $30,000 in showroom shape, however some collectors wouldn't even touch a 1955 4 door, not only do the years models and condition change the value but each individual you come in contact will alter the value. Rule of thumb:It only worth what someone will pay for it.

If you see collecting classic cars as a hobby, then yes its worth it. Many events are set up for the car enthusiast such as: swap meets, car shows,drag strips, cruises and more.The classic car hobby is always booming and you have a few ways to get involved. One way is to be a collector witch means you either buy pre-built cars for shows or you buy junkers to build.Of course either way mechanic knowledge is a must because you need it to build and you need it to know it has been built right.Another way to be in the collector car hobby is to be a savager, to buy junkers and salvage parts to sell or swap. This is the difficult way because you need to strip the cars of there parts to have something to sell and you will put out a lot of money before you see a return.The goal is to swap or sell parts to obtain parts for one car you want to keep.Another way of getting into the classic car hobby is memorabilia; die cast cars, old magazine ads, signs,and accessories, again the goal being to get your own collector car.

If you would like to get into this hobby without a major commentment try going to a few car shows create a wish list with a camera and the details of the car and you will be hooked.It is a very fun hobby but little money in unless you turn it into a business in which collecting is near impossable.Look for more articles on collecting coming soon. Good Luck and Happy Hunting.


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    • wizardjc01 profile image

      wizardjc01 6 years ago from Geneva,Alabama

      yes I was talking about a chevy thanks for the advise ill take that advise in concederation on the next installment thank you

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 6 years ago

      In your hub you mention a 1955 2 door coupe, what make and model are you speaking of. I am taking a wild guess, it's a Chevrolet. You claim one must have mechanical knowledge and the collectible is only worth what a person it willing to pay. You are correct on both points. This hub would have been even better had you broken down the elements in to section instead of lumping them together. For instance, the first section on hobby, the second section on collecting and the third section on selling at a swap meet. explaining each for the person who is not familiar with your topic. I am aware of the topic so I understood what you are saying. Again great hub.