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Geo Cars - Basic History

Updated on August 22, 2010

GEO Cars

 The history of Geo cars goes back to the eighties when General Motors decided to open the market for small cars within North America. Although, GM did not create any of the Geo cars alone, they decided to go into a manufacturing partnership with Suzuki and other import auto makers.

None of the Geo cars are in production in North America today. Geo cars came on to the North American Market in 1989. The auto company General Motors realised that there was fading consumer interested and discontinued the manufacturing of the Geo car, in 2001.

During 1989 to 1994 all the Geo Metro model cars were built with a 1.0 liter, three cylinder and six valve engine. After 1994 the standard engine size of Geo cars became a 1.3 liter, four cylinder and eight valve engine. Only the Metro LSi and the Metro Base Geo cars came with an automatic transmission.

The function of the Geo cars was to provide a great working vehicle that was smaller in size compared to other cars on the market during the eighties as well as being lower in price. The original price of a Geo car averaged from $8000 upwards.


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