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Aqueous Parts Washers Affordable to All

Updated on August 12, 2011

In recent years, price reductions of Jet Spray Cabinent Washers have prompted many small shops to eliminate the costly use of solvent sinks. This has also resulted in the associated environmental risks decreasing sigificantly. Along with the environmental movement to "GO GREEN", the current competitive price of aqueous hot spray systems has made this safe and efficient cleaning method a logical choice for even the smallest of service operations.

The advantage of the automated cleaning, offered by cabinet spray washers, has saved both time and money for over 30 years. Studies have shown more than 3.5 hours of weekly labor savings, per technician, can be gained by a single spray washer. The math is simple: the more technicians, the more the savings, the faster the pay-back, and the more profit goes directly to your bottom line.

In addition to going green and saving money, aqueous systems are much safer to use for the operator. Harsh chemicals are eliminated from the workplace and both the safety of the operator and the environment are ensured. Your profit is also increased as the price of water is significantly cheaper than of solvent chemicals. Aqueous spray systems are proven to provide cleaner parts, thus minimizing the potential for the re-work associated with parts that are reinstalled before being completely cleaned.

The larger shops have had the advantage of aqueous spray cleaning of their parts for many years. This technology is now affordable for any size shop. Improved profits, improved environmental awareness, safer workplace: it doesn’t get any better than this!

To see various styles and types of jet spray cabinet washers, please visit KC Quality Systems.

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      QualityS 8 years ago from Prairie Village Kansas

      thank you for your positive feed back

      Gary Showalter

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      Greg Moore 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I gave this a positive feedback rating and I agree with you on every point. So does God, you know. I delve into transmission work at