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Getting your Motorcycle License

Updated on February 2, 2013
Women's motorcycle...I think
Women's motorcycle...I think

***This hub is written from the perspective of my beautiful wife***

As a suburban housewife and stay at home mom, I need some type of “outlet” every now and then. This summer, through the heat wave and all, my outlet was to sign up for the motorcycle course at our local community college and get my motorcycles license.

My husband has been riding for over 5 years now, and has always talked about how fun it would be to ride together. It’s always been on my bucket list and every other time I seem to want to do it I am either pregnant or nursing. I finally reached a good little break where it was the perfect opportunity to do it.

Motorcycle Course Rundown

The overall course was brutal (mainly because of the heat) but thankfully it was only 2 days long. We had about 10 hours range time and about 5 hours classroom time. The college program provided the bikes and helmets. All you had to bring were pants, proper shoes (above the ankle… boots), gloves, eye protection (sunglasses were okay) and a long sleeve shirt of some sort.

Time to get the motorcycle license!
Time to get the motorcycle license!

Pre-Class Prep on the Bike

Prior to our class date, I had my husband take me to a vacant parking lot and give me a run down on what the buttons and gears were and basic instructions on how to drive it. Looking back, I am SO glad I did. I at least went into this course with some basic prior knowledge. I can’t imagine going into it knowing nothing… mainly because it’s such a short period of time with so much to learn and a decent size group of people. It helped to start off with just some one on one instruction. It also helped boost my confidence going into it.

Course Insights and Observations

In my opinion the hardest part of the entire course was learning how to make tight/sharp turns. I really struggled with the exercises that involved making double U-turns (which is essentially making a small figure eight). Everything else, once practiced a good bit, was easy and enjoyable.

The classroom portion of this course was incredibly insightful. Going into it, I felt like I already knew a good amount of information since my husband had been riding for years, but I was surprised how much I learned and how it really made me think a lot about safety. The most important thing you can do when driving a motorcycle is act as if you are invisible to everyone on the road. Never count of someone being able to hear or see you.

After successfully completing the field exam as well as the written exam I officially had a legal motorcycles license. The next day I was anxious to get out on my husband’s bike. The bike I used in the course was a Honda Rebel, which is a cruiser. My husband owns a Yamaha Seca II, which is a standard bike. It’s amazing how different they feel. I had my husband take me over to the vacant parking lot one more time just to get reacquainted with his bike. Once I felt comfortable I took my first drive on public roads with other cars and it was exhilarating!

Be Safe, Biker Momma

I don’t plan on becoming a “motorcycle mama”, as I know there are great risks every time you drive a motorcycle and frankly I would love to be alive to see my kids grow up and have kids of their own. BUT, what an amazing outlet to get out every now and then and either take a ride by myself on some beautiful back roads and not have to worry about changing a diaper, being asked “why?” 10 times in less than 2 mins, wiping someone’s rear-end when they are done with the potty, picking up toys, folding laundry, being jumped on for a horsey ride etc. It’s just me and the open road. I also look forward to times when my husband and I can drop the kids at their grandparents and take a ride together.

If I can go through the process of learning how to drive a motorcycle (add to it that those 10 hours of range time were down in the 100 degree heat wave) ANYONE can.

Be safe, ride smart, and have a great time!

Sportbike rider
Sportbike rider


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