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Going green with the foldable bicycle

Updated on April 26, 2013

The cost of fuel is rising,cars are expensive to buy and maintain.The MOT,road tax and car insurance are a pain in the neck.The traffic congestion in our roads are delaying many to work. My last car I bought was a Datsun Charade,I couldn't maintain it and I send it packing to the scrap yard.I have fallen in love with cycling to work.Why cycling? This is not going to be a rhetoric question.I am prepared and comfortable to answer it.Cycling is good for health.People who are allergic to the gym can lose some calories through cycling.Cycling helps people to maintain good health.The more you sweat when cycling the better the health.Cycling helps an individual to get rid of the waste products in the body through perspiration.

Going to work on a bicycle is environmental friendly.Cycling does not pollute the environment. There is no 'cycling jam' as compared to the traffic jam when driving.There are many bicycles on the market at the moment and many good ones are likely to be manufactured.

The bicycle I have fallen in love with is the foldable bicycle.This bicycle is humbling to possess. It is easy to assemble and to fold it.It can be assembled in less than 30 minutes and can be folded within seconds. For those who like riding a bicycle and boarding a train at some point,this bicycle should be the one to purchase.It can be folded easily and hop on the train with it effortlessly. It doesn't occupy much space on the train like other types of bicycles .This type of bicycle is comfortable to ride up the hill or on a flat terrain.The gears shifts effortlessly and the saddle is comfortable.

For those who may want to take their bicycles abroad,this is the right type of bicycle to purchase.There are cases being sold on the market,one can pack the bicycle into the case when travelling abroad.This bicycle in my view is manna from heaven.It is so brilliantly made and is user friendly.It is one of those possessions I am proud to let my grandson inherit when I joined the afterlife club.

This bicycle can be purchased at Amazon through the link provided below this article.Going green is cool, buy your foldable bicycle at Amazon today and pop the champagne in celebration.Welcoming you in advance into the cycling club for a better and greener tomorrow.


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