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Goodwood Driving Experiences

Updated on May 22, 2016

Goodwood festival of speed - Lamborghini's taking to the track.

The Iconic Track Beginings

The Goodwood track is iconic and known worldwide, mostly due to the events it has held over the years, including the Glover Trophy and now the Festival of speed and the revival festival.

It is a fast 2.4 mile circuit with 7 turns and a unique straight with two kinks. It dates back to 1948.

As many UK circuits did, Goodwood circuit started life as a perimeter track for an RAF airfield, in this case the airfield of RAF westhampnett.

Aerial shot of Goodwood circuit

Aerial shot of Goodwood with overlay

Goodwood Facts

  • Opened in 1948
  • 2.4 miles long
  • Started life as part of an airfield
  • Hosted Glover Trophy
  • P. de F. C. Pycroft was first ever winner of an event
  • Brue McLaren was killed here on 2nd June 1970
  • Hosts the Goodwood revival each year
  • Hosts driving experiences year round
  • Hosts BTCC, British F3 and RAC TT

Available Driving Experiences

There is a wide range of driving experiences available at Goodwood. These include the following:

  • Classic
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Super car
  • single seater
  • Muscle cars

A driving experience is one of the best ways to experience this famous circuit, most driving experiences will include tuition from an instructor giving you the guidance to best exploit the machine you have chosen to test your bravery and skill in.

Driving experiences are available from a lot of vendors, it is possible to see the different events that are available from a number of the vendors in one location over at TorqueCurve. This site displays all of the events from all of the providers side by side so you can chose the event that is best for you with out having to visit lots of different sites. Goodwood specific driving events are available on the TorqueCurve Goodwood Experiences page.

Goodwood Classic Driving Experiences

You might have a desire to get behind the wheel of your favorite iconic car at this iconic track, or maybe you attended the amazing Revival Festival and want to experience the track and the cars first hand, whatever your reasons you are in luck, as there are a number of classic driving experiences available at the Goodwood Circuit.

There are experiences to suit everyone's tastes, be it a British classic experience, getting behind the wheel of a spectacular 4.2 Litre Jaguar E-Type for example or a classic GT experience where you can test out the nimble Ferrari 308 among others.

Goodwood offers the best classic car driving experiences in the UK.

Goodwood Harley-Davidson experiences

Everyone know the roar of a Harley, these bike have had a bit of a revival themselves since the launch and success of the Sons of Anarchy TV show. You can either ride one of these bikes yourself or hope on the back and ride pillion as the instructor shows you what they are really capable of. Loud, fast and as close to the surroundings as you can be, Goodwood Harley experience is pretty special.

Goodwood Super Car Experiences

If you have ever attended or watch from your arm chair the antics that take place at the Goodwood festival of speed then I am sure you will have a desire to pitch up in a Ferrari/ Porche / Lamborghini / McLaren of your own and have a go.

Now you can, the driving experiences available allow you the chance to do just that. You can chose the car you want to take out, you can even have a hot lap if you wish, which is basically the experienced and highly talented instructor taking around the track as fast as they can to show you what these amazing machines are really capable of, or so they say, we know that in actual fact its to try and scare the life out of you!

Goodwood is a great venue to choose for your first ever experience or if you are experienced and want a different challenge.

Goodwood Single Seater Driving Experiences

The single seater has been the pinnacle of car racing for centuries. Its what most of us have watched on TV and when asked about car racing most of us think about Formula One.

It is possible to get behind the wheel of a single seater and test your skills, these cars are super light, super low and super fast with amazing acceleration and deceleration that will be like nothing you have ever experienced before. Corner speeds are high due the down forces holding the car onto the road, once you get used to it you will be able to go faster than you ever thought was possible.

One of the best driving experiences you can do and something that should be on every petrol heads bucket list. This type of event is a brilliant birthday gift idea that any petrol head will go mad for.

The Glover Trophy

The Glover Trophy was a famous event that took place at the circuit from 1958-1964. It was a non-championship Formula One race that took place each spring. It proved great racing and a fantastic show.

Non-championship Formula One events do not take place anymore, Formula One has become very restricted in terms of what running the teams are allowed to complete.

Reg Parnell was the most successful driver to take part in the event winning it 3 times in 1949, 1950 and 1954. Winning twice in a Maserati 4CLT/48 and once in a Ferrari 500. Stirling Moss might have equaled that record if not for his accident in 1962.

It was during an accident at this event in 1962 that ended Stiring Moss's career after he crashed at St Mary's leaving him in a coma for many weeks.

It is now possible to relive the excitement and thrill of the Glover Trophy as it is relived each year at the Goodwood Revival event. Below is a video of the highlights of the 2014 event.

Goodwood Revival 2014 Glover Trophy Highlights

View experiences from a large number of providers side by side on the TorqueCurve website - The easiest way to find and select a driving experience at the historic Goodwood circuit

Goodwood Location

A markerGoodwood -
Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH, UK
get directions

The famous Goodwood Circuit location. Home to Goodwood revival and Festival of speed.


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