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Great Cars for the Money

Updated on May 19, 2020

Automotive Brands

Car Agnostics

Let's face it, whether you're a man or woman, some people are indifferent toward cars. I can relate. Although cars are probably my favorite thing in this world, sports are not. I get looks when I tell people that I'm not interested in sports. However, I love fishing just as much as I love cars and music, but not everyone would colloquially consider "fishing" to be a sport, although it is; if you research "fishing," you'll see that it's a sport just like football. All said, there are men and women that will only look at a car if their sex-idol is sitting on the driver seat, and only then.

Overpaying for a Vehicle

This may be an over the top statement on my part. But if you find a car that you like, then I'm almost certain you won't mind overpaying for it, though one should always strive for the best deal -- always! I remember in 2002, I purchased an Infiniti. It was a discontinued model, be it brand new at that. Because of my trade and other unsavory thingy most of us have experienced when car shopping, I didn't get a good deal. If you must know, it was an Infiniti G20. I over paid $6000.00 or so for that car. Well, you guessed it, it was the best little car I've ever owned, and I loved it till the end. However and to reiterate, always strive for a good deal when purchasing a vehicle, even it means compare shopping and spending a little bit of time and visiting a few dealers; it'll all be worth it in the end.

Even Brussels Sprout Taste Better When They're Well Seasoned.

You may not like automobiles, but I'm almost certain that some cars catch your fancy more than others. So, look around, and if you see something you like, then jot the brand down, or take a photo, research it, visit a dealership, etc.

Lexus RX 350

I'll be speaking subjectively, and objectively about this vehicle, because I've owned one in the past. You always hear people speaking about Lexus' impeccable reputation, well, this little truck is just that. In addition to being quite comfortable, it handles pretty good for a cross-over (just another name for an SUV with certain mini-van qualities....), and it's virtually flawless. Lexus seems to the be one of the few brands selling their vehicles with 100K miles plus, and still asking very high prices for them -- $20-30k isn't unheard of. This is because, they're for the most part worth it. It's not uncommon for Lexus to reach 300k miles plus, and still keep going. One of the most peculiar things about Lexus (in a good way that is...), is how they keep their vehicles' engines so quite, even with vehicles that have well over 100k miles. So, if you're looking for a great vehicle, and don't want to spend too much time in the shop, then this car is as good as any. Of course, like anything else in this world, nothing is perfect. Unfortunately, Lexus are both, slightly expensive, and also expensive to maintain. All said, the RX 350 goes for approx. $50k or about, and it'll be difficult to find a better car than this one for your buck.

Infiniti QX50

Another great looking and great handling little truck -- excuse me: "CUV" aka Crossover Utility Vehicle -- just another fancy-schmancy name for an SUV with mini-van like qualities. If Lexus has a 2nd, then Infiniti is as a good a contender as any. Infiniti makes great looking, great handling, and comfortable cars. They are reliable, so you shouldn't need to worry about reliability too much. Of course, you can always end up with a lemon, but Lexus and Infiniti are probably the least likely 'lemon contenders' in the automotive world, but as I always say, 'nothing's perfect in this world.' Price of the QX50 is in the range of the RX 350. The only difference is Lexus has always focused more on craftsmanship, whereas Infiniti has always focused more exotic looks on handling. That said, craftsmanship, reliability, and quality, have been both Lexus and Infiniti's motto since these two brands first showed up on the market approx. 30 years ago or so, as Toyota and Nissan's high end Luxury Divisions.

Toyota and Nissan

As I previously mentioned, Toyota and Nissan are the parent companies of Lexus and Infiniti. So, what does this mean to you? Well, you can purchase an RX 350 with Toyota for around $10k or thereabouts less, if you don't mind calling your car a Toyota HIghlander instead; moreover, you can likewise purchase an Infiniti with Nissan if you don't mind calling your Infiniti QX50 a Nissan Pathfinder, and save yourself a few thousand dollars in the process. Of course, engines would sound a slight bit more pugnacious on Toyota and Nissan, but they're all great cars nonetheless.

Purchasing the Car

Not complicated, in fact, nowadays, simple enough. Many people don't even go to dealerships to purchase their vehicles anymore; many purchase their cars from home online and even have their vehicle of choice delivered to the their house. So, these days, if you want a reliable and great looking car, you pretty much have the last word in the matter.


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