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Green Automobiles & Trucks

Updated on May 19, 2013

Go Green Energy


Green Automobiles & Trucks

Green Automobiles & Trucks

Volume 2, Issue 6, May 19, 2013

So what is all the fuss about green energy anyway? Well, the most powerful impact we could have on carbon emissions, is us, as a consumer. The most effective way to combat carbon emissions and improve our carbon footprint is to buy green energy automobiles and trucks. In addition to improving our household and business energy systems. We are very powerful collectively, and with that said; our voices and concerns are being heard by producers of products everywhere.

New technology has had a dramatic impact on the automobile and truck industry that it has led to advances in solar, electric, and hybrid automobiles. We are still waiting collectively for an automobile kit that could be easily converted into an energy efficient car for those of us who still drive gas and oil emission automobiles and trucks (fossil fueled). So you automakers beware consumers want a kit to convert their own automobiles and trucks into a green energy efficient car. That might be something for these intuitive people to invent in the near future, or maybe even one of you.

Some automakers who sell green energy cars are Ford, Toyota, Smart, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. Have you noticed something extraordinary? Most of them are foreign made and not American made, with exception of the innovators Ford and Smart. We are living in a green living age that needs an automotive industry that could change with the times. More and more people want to reduce the use of fossil fuels and oil. Some of these changes could and would extremely impact the environment for carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Automobiles and trucks also account for some of the runoff that collects after a rain or when water happens to wash down the drains that contain contaminants like motor oil, anti-freeze, gasoline, transmission fluid, solvents, cleaners, and batteries. So what can we do to prevent these contaminants into getting into the drains, sewers, and water run-offs that lead to land, sea, and other crucial environmental places? A start would be to use waste containers to store this kind of element that will not melt or degrade upon housing the element and take it to a place that either could recycle it like some places recycle motor oil, batteries, and fluids (Wal-Mart Auto Care/mechanic shops).

Keeping your automobile or truck running smoothly is as important as the importance of recycling and one way to do this is to put a cleaner in your gas that will burn cleaner and take out the contaminants that harm your engine. Run-off from the water gets into the pumps that pump your gas and you need to be aware of these issues to keep your automobile or truck in tip-top shape. Believe me I know how useful this information can be. Your engine must be properly drained from time to time also because impurities can get into the oil, water, and engine

Essentially the contaminants are toxic chemicals that become bio-hazards when they mix into run-offs into our water systems, land, farming, and environment. They could become a physical threat to your health if you ingest it at some point and time. It is also harmful if it mixes with other chemicals in the same places causing extremely dangerous contaminants that cause the air we breathe to become toxic also. So it is important to keep things in perspective and keep your home and business safe, and in order.

Another solution would be to contact your nearest waste management office like those that pick up your trash. You can also find out who to call by looking for the City offices that handle these issues.


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