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Updated on March 20, 2016

No one can be denied in obtaining their car insurance simply because of their age. However, there may be a test given to you before you are given a renewal license. In order to ensure that your insurance has the best rates, you should get quotes from several companies before even making your choice.

Follow the steps below that will help you get the best senior auto insurance rates:

  1. Get comparison auto quotes – There is a variety of car insurance companies specialized for seniors. Whether it’s your former employer or friend, you certainly know people who can recommend you cheap auto insurance and lower rate than any other company. Ask around!
  2. Take a defensive driving course – You can take defense driving classes online or at a driving school – it is your choice. However, before signing up – you should check with your auto insurance company and see if you are applicable for a discount for taking the course.
  3. Lower your deductibles – Many seniors are driving cars they have had for a lot of years. Therefore, their deductibles may cost more than their cars. In reality, every car owner should choose a higher deductible rate for a lower insurance rate. However, for new cars – lower deductibles may be good to cover the costs of any damage.
  4. Check the features of your car – When buying a new car, always make sure to see the insurance rates and premiums tied with it, and always choose the one that is lower to insure. Anti-lock brakes and air bags may also be handy aspects in the process.
  5. Check your zip code – The truth with the zip code is that insurance companies adjust the rates according to it. In case you own two homes, checking up the zip codes can also mean saving on your insurance rate.

In the end, it is always a good idea to also consider taking public transportation more often – or even choosing a short term car insurance for the periods in which driving is safe.


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