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Harley Davidson Leather Jackets Are For Men And Women

Updated on July 19, 2011

Wearing a jacket when the weather is cold outside is a normal human thing to do. When fashion plays a part in what the human decides to wear, sometimes the result is a walking disaster. There are a few jackets that look great year in and out. Harley Davidson offers classic styling in a contemporary setting, making it easy for leather jackets to look great year in and year out. Leather is a great material for protecting the body from gravel and other road hazards on a motorcycle. Leather also can protect skinfrom the inevitable falls on the road. Wearing a helmet will protect the head in accidents but not necessarily the neck, back, arms, legs and torso. A rider can be completely outfitted with the best safety gear and still suffer grievous injuries because of the lack of structure to protect the body. Car accidents can be deadly, but more often in an accident at the same miles per hour, the motorcycle rider will suffer more injuries, have a higher chance of brain damage and death. It is just as awesome to wear a leather jacket in a car as it is on a motorcycle, but the motorcycle rider is taking a higher risk. If someone thinks that looking good on a motorcycle is important, they should wear a Harley Davidson leather jacket. No other leather jacket will look as good. No other leather jacket will truly tell the world the level of commitment a person has to a single idea, foolish though it may be, like a womens Harley leather jacket or Harley Davidson mens leather jacket . Or maybe a person just likes the Harley Davidson brand logo, thinks it looks ragingly cool and special accenting their hair, or complete lack there of. What ultimately makes the difference between a poser and the genuine article? A few hundred or thousand dollars, depending on whether the article being discussed is the Harley Davidson women's leather jacket or the motorcycle.

Leather can be considered more living than other fabrics, mostly because it was taken from a living animal. The special characteristics of leather that make it such a popular exterior apparel item were evolved over thousands of years to help protect the animal it was taken from. The hide of a cow is particularly tough compared to other domesticated animals like goats and horses. The size of the animal offers a large piece of leather to be used for apparel design and provides a great canvas for the artists making high quality jackets. The use of leather has received some controversy in popular culture, but it remains a superior fabric in terms of price and durability compared to synthetics. The natural nature of the leather used and the uniqueness of each piece demonstrates individuality characteristic of the person who wears it. While Harley Davidson mens leather jackets are iconic in the field of mens jackets, there are other outerwear items available that are not made from leather for people who don't want to wear this amazing clothing item. Cotton jackets offer some of the advantages of licensed Harley Davidson outer wear, but are less expensive than their counterpart Harley Davidson mens leather jackets. Cotton jackets will not last as long as well cared for leather jackets, are more susceptible to wear, tear and staining, and provide less protection while riding a motorcycle on the roads and highways. Leather acts acts as a shield from rocks and road debris as well as sheddingwaterand other precipitation that might occur.

There are many reasons to consider a beautiful Harley Davidson mens leather jacket as a gift for a special occasion. If a loved one has a enjoyment of the art of motorcycle riding or even just enjoys the iconic brand of Harley Davidson, giving them a Harley Davidson mens leather jacket offers a unique opportunity to show how much they are cared for. Womens Harley leather jacket have a well earned reputation for being expensive gifts, but are an investment that will last for a long time. Wearing leather when riding a motorcycle gives some protection from falls that might occur when riding. Whether the leather is the most expensive or the newer, less expensive type, it will stay looking good longer if it is taken care of properly. Store it so it can breathe without a plastic cover, wipe off spills and dirt on smooth leather with a damp cloth, regularly brush suede and nubuck. For major cleaning, use a leather cleaning specialist, normally a good dry cleaner can either perform this service or recommend a good cleaner in the area. At home cleaning products are not always designed for leather wear and can create unforeseen problems if they clog the pores of the leather.

Taking good care of an investment in the genuine article, whether it is a jacket or a motorcycle, shows pride of ownership. Keeping a Harley leather jacket clean is just one way of demonstrating pride in appearances, whether it is a Harley Davidson mens leather jacketsor Harley Davidson womens leather jacket. Finding the jacket that best suits the person who it is being purchased by or for might require more than a little bit of shopping. Online stores can showcase many more jackets than a normal storefront. Online stores will not have the ability to try on the jackets before purchase. With the measurements or approximate size of the person the jacket is intended for, the need to try on a loose jacket is not a problem. If the jacket being purchased is the wrong size, normally a store, whether online or offline should have a return policy. If there is a concern about the suitability of a Harley Davidson mens leather jacket or Harley Davidson womens leather jacket as a gift, be certain about the return policies of the store it is being purchased from. It would be a complete shame to allow the investment in a Harley Davidson leather jacket go to waste because the wrong size was purchased.


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