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Harley Davidson Night Rod

Updated on September 14, 2010

The Harley Davidson Night Rod is another Harley inspired by the night, similar to the Harley Davidson Night Train model that is a bit older in that respect, although this is a slightly smaller motorcycle.

Harley took a page out of the Night Trains book and is only available in back. Three color options are available - Black denim with a brilliant silver stripe, vivid black with brilliant silver stripe, and vivid black with orange pearl racing stripe. We think the vivid black with orange pearl looks best, as there is already red styling cues on the motorcycle (rim and Harley Davidson logo) so the orange stripe sits in better (plus it's a traditional Harley color!)

There is only one wheel design available (can't really call it an option if there is only one!) and that is the slotted black cast aluminum style.

Starting from just $16999 it's a reasonable priced mid range machine that will look fantastic for years to come with it's classic styling cues and mean looking street bike at night image.

Harley Davidson Night Rod Specs

The Night Rod comes with the liquid cooled revolution V twin engine. This is powder coated black along with the cylinder head to match the motorbikes dark appearance. It generates 122bhp at 8250rpm and 85 ft-lb of torque at 7000rpm.

The exhausts are dual 'straight shot' exhausts and feature a brushed finish in the center of the muffler contrasting with the black nature of the bike.The middle pipe and end of the muffler are black still and painted with high temperature paint.

You have a factory option of installing Brembo brakes for superior stopping power

The frame is hydro formed which means it was bent using high pressure water at key parts. This means there are fewer welds on the frame giving the Night Rod a more smoother looking frame as well as it being more durable and stiffer.

The seat is a 2 piece 2 up seat. It is made from textured vinyl and has flip up access to storage. If you are wanting to upgrade the seat, be sure to check out my motorcycle seats hub.

The rear tire is one of the widest in motorcycles. at 240mm wide, it adds aggression to the look, provides stability and looks damn cool. On the front of the motorcycle is a black visor screen to match the rest of the motorcycle too. Be sure to check out my motorcycle windshields hub if you want to change this to suit your style a bit more too.


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