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Harley Davidson Sportster 2004 Set Up for Tall Rider With Accutronix 6 Inch Extended Forward Controls

Updated on December 24, 2017

How to set up your Harley Sportster for taller riders

About 3 years ago I purchased my Harley Sportster 883 and it is a great bike for cruising and it is very reliable. I am 6'8" so the stock forward controls didn't quite cut it. So about 1 year ago I purchased some 6 Inch extended forward controls from for around $300-$400 USD if i remember correctly or maybe it was $300 - $400 New Zealand Dollars. This product was great and has made all the difference the extra 6 inches makes a big difference.The kit comes with everything you need to change your forward controls all the shafts etc you will just need to re use your current foot pegs. Also my bike came with 8 inch T bars which also helped a lot with the riding position. Below I will leave a link to the product which you can find on

So the new Accutronix Extended Forward controls took a couple of weeks to arrive here in New Zealand. Once they arrived here in New Zealand I took them straight to the mechanic and had them fitted. It didn't take them too long to fit them maybe an hour or so so the mechanic bill wasn't too expensive I guess if you know what you are doing you could fit them yourself but I didn't really want to take the chance with messing something up. Below is a picture of the Extended Forward controls fitted on my Harley Sportster

My Harley Sportster with accutronix 6" extended forward controls
My Harley Sportster with accutronix 6" extended forward controls | Source

And below I have included another picture on the other side of my bike with the extended forward controls fitted. As you can see it gives you quite a bit more leg space. Also I will include a picture below with factory fitted forward controls so you can see the difference for yourself.

My Harley Sportster fitted with 6" Extended forward controls
My Harley Sportster fitted with 6" Extended forward controls | Source


So to sum things up I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a little more leg room on their Harley Sportster .


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