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Have You Driven Muscle Lately?

Updated on January 25, 2015

Cars or Trucks?

Wich do you prefer

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Do you prefer cars or trucks?

As a car lover, truck lover, and the need for horsepower I ask what your preference is. Many seem to avoid the new computerized, tuned, and any modern day technology if they owned or drove a late model muscle car back in the day. Having grown up in the 70’s muscle cars were oh so fine, however, the new gracious styles, winding sounds of some pretty fast modern cars always catch my attention. Trucks, the roar of power, feeling of the rush ripping through some deep mud, and watching people’s heads turn as something you built drives by them, is truly an experience for anyone.

Have you built your own, Baby?

Built your own? Tell us all about it in the comments at the bottom of the page, we would love to hear.

Hours and hours of research into parts. Waiting days on end for that driver to arrive. Opening the boxes, fabulous new pieces to make a dream come true.

My 1977 Ford

This was my 1977 For Step Side
This was my 1977 For Step Side | Source

How Many vehicles have you owned?

Just a quick list of vehicles I have personally owned, modified, smashed, and blew up. A bit of humor in the previous sentence. However, I did smash a couple, blow up the engines in several, and used a few as daily drivers. My very first car was given to me by my stepfather, a 1975 Chevy Malibu. Though a passenger vehicle by titles, it would remain that way. Back in the day, air shocks, 50’s on the back, bored out 350 with headers going to sidepipes, and a custom candy apple red with malibu written in graphics on each side, was a pride and joy. I remember, clearly, our insurance adjuster stopping by out home looking down at the car asking, “ That isn’t the Malibu on your insurance policy is it?” So busted!

Some more I’ve owned: 1979 Chevy Malibu, Cutlass, Impala, Camaro, 1968 F100 short box step side, custom Ford Van, several Grand Ams, a Grand Prix with Tee tops, several Capri’s, a Volvo S60, Dodge 1500 Ram, a couple F150’s, and my pride a 1977 Ford Step Side with a 351 Cleveland modified as much as I could at the time. I’m sure I missed a few in there…


More Muscle !

Muscle,Modern,Does it Matter?

New or old? Classic or Contemporary? High-tech or high-style? It surprises me that, even amongst gearheads there is so much arguing regarding which is better. As though one must be superior and one must be declared the loser. On one side, you have people who argue that old cars embody the soul and the passion of the automobile as an entity. The raw, unadulterated experience of driving an old car is what creates an emotional bond between man and machine, which actually couldn’t be further from the truth.

On the other side, you have mostly younger people who have limited experience driving older cars. People who love the fact that modern technology is constantly pushing the limits of what's possible, and who can't understand why you would want to stick to old. People who want their car to start up every morning and get them where they're going quickly, comfortably, and safely. The past is the past, and while it's nice to remember and reminisce, they weren’t there, all they know is, now, and what the future holds for them.

Modern Muscle

What are benefits of new muscle cars?

Now if you are an old muscle car fanatic, take a look, a real good look, at the muscle cars of today. Similar in style, yet, the cars of today aren’t only fast in a straight line. High tech suspensions, push button for driving condition changes, and just an all-around safer car and more fun to drive at high speeds. Though much of the new technology can seem confusing, once you begin looking at the facts, pretty basic indeed. Not only do cars of today perform well, but the extra anti-lock brakes, suspensions, and basic upgraded handling components, truly make for a better driving experience. Make no mistake, the old muscle cars of “back in the day” are unique and a “must have” but, jump in the new muscle, put your foot to the floor, and enjoy a ride of a lifetime.

Trucks and Mud...


Fun amongst friends

Cars, muscle cars, and just fine looking, fast, and sounding fabulous cars are terrific, but, they can’t do what a truck can do for you. The rush, heart pounding, and the possibility of something dangerous. Pushing your truck to its limits, foot with the accelerator always to the floor, and mud flying everywhere takes on a one of a kind atmosphere.

Stock, modified, and every make and model can be seen roaming through layer and layers of mud. Guys, women, and young adults enjoying some wonderful times together. A sport in many areas, a weekend past time, and an opportunity to see who’s best.

Like building your car, trucks can and are, pride among peers. More horsepower, bigger tires, and a special look sought after by the friend trying to outdo another. All in fun of course. Not only mud drags, mud bogs, but, the off road experiences can be fun too. Driving through trails, rivers, places where you just cannot go without four wheel drive. Setting up tents, doing some outdoor activities, and being with friends, makes for a great weekend of fun.

Building a mud truck

Specific things to consider when building a truck for off-road or mudding:

  1. Suspension- driving through mud is like driving through water, only not as clean. Therefore, it's wise to have your truck and its moisture-sensitive components up and out of the goo, with either a suspension or body lift. You don't need a lot of articulation for mud, but you do need some travel so the suspension can handle bumps without bouncing off the ground, as some mud bogs can be fairly rough when they start to harden.
  2. Driveline - You want to make a lot of horsepower for mud, but if you have a big engine and small drivetrain components, forget about driving out of a pit under your own power.
  3. Steering - To make sure his steering could handle the bigger tires
  4. Tires, wheels, and waterproofing..

For a full list of specifics and in details, visit the sight below. These guys know their stuff and give a great list of some parts that hold up better than most on the market.



Let it Roar!

Mudding and the rush!

Mud Drags! Sounds of trucks at top end, people screaming, laughter, and for all ages, makes these events fun for entire families.

Watching these trucks can give you ideas for your own. Talking amongst some of the drivers will enlighten you on specific details, these guys and gals are proud of their trucks and are always willing to talk about them.

Running your own truck? The thrill is like no other. Am I going to get stuck? Will something break? How bad is this going to be? Oh, the questions, fears, and just an amazing adrenaline rush.

All about the fun...

Cars or trucks, its about the fun, passion, and sharing the excitement with family and friends. It’s about hobbies, desire, and playful competition amongst peers. Lastly, it’s about people important in your life and creating memories, taking pictures, and being role models for our children.


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