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Heads up display, for your helmet.

Updated on July 9, 2015

What is Heads-up display.

Heads-up display is exactly what it says. It allows you to see information that is on your speedometer or cell phone and GPS right in front of your face while you are riding without having to look down. Having to continuously look down to ensure your are doing the correct speed or to see where next to turn, takes your eyes of the road and you may not see an obstacle in that second you look away.

Bring on the heads up display. There are several variations out there now available but can be quite tedious to install and requires a bit of mechanic know how to get them integrated onto your helmet and motorcycle. Wouldn't you like to see exactly who is calling or when to turn from your gps without having to look at it. Having cell phones or gps open on your bike means they can also be stolen.

Skully helmet in black or white

Skully helmet comes in black and white
Skully helmet comes in black and white

Skully AR-1 helmet

This helmet is truly from science fiction movies brought real to today's time. Best thing about the helmet is that it comes already assembled with no need to tear your helmet apart to fit extra speakers and videos that get in the way of your sight. Bike HUD is a good product but it is bulky and has a piece that gets in the way of your vision. A cheap option but if you want seamless and uncluttered HUD then the Skully AR-1 is the way to go. Below are some of the benefits.

  • Transparent Heads up display that looks as if it is just floating right in front of you.
  • Helmet comes with everything already fitted such as speakers and video.
  • Rear view camera allows you to see behind you without mirrors
  • Visor is scratch and fog resistant
  • Audio has hands free calling and music streaming
  • Connected via bluetooth and has internet capabilities when linked to your phone

In terms of the best, you can opt for non other than the skully AR-1. It is the best out there right now. It is the future right now.

Skully AR-1 rear view camera

Skully AR-1 with rearview camera
Skully AR-1 with rearview camera | Source

Nuviz helmet heads-up display

Nuviz provides an after market solution to the HUD if you do not feel like paying the 1500 dollars for the Skully (however I suggest you do). It just clips on the front of your helmet and links to your smart phone or GPS. You still get to hear or see who is calling and stream your music. GPS is from your phone and is in a little box in front of you. A much better option that the bulky BikeHUD and with a little know how, can be fitted very easily.

Thing I like about it, is that it is out of the way. It takes up a small space on the bottom part of your visor and still provides you with all the data such as revs, speed and times that you need all the time. You can also use it on the racetrack to see how quick you are progressing.

These HUD are born for the track. At the speeds that most of us do on a track, we do not have time to be looking around or down to see what speed we are entering the corner at or how we did in that part of the circuit.

Nuviz HUD on helmet

Nuviz HUD unit
Nuviz HUD unit | Source

BikeHUD is earlier versions

The BikeHUD is a cheaper version of the others and if you are just looking for a basic heads-up display then this will do. It is a bit bulky and has a larger screen which can get in the way and is not comfortable but it does work.

it also takes a little bit of fiddling to get set up and the older versions had cables running into your bike which is really not what you want. It is as I said, a cheap option for those that want a heads up display but do not like spending their hard earned cash on gimmicks.

There are newer versions which can be used with your cell phone but are still bulky and I prefer it to be out of the way and not noticeable. A HUD is supposed to make your vision better not detract from it. So rather go for the newer smaller versions that they offer.

If you do not have the money for the Skully or the Nuviz then this is your best option.

In Closing

Whether you spend the big bucks and go for the Skully AR-1 or the cheaper Nuviz and BikeHUD, a heads-up display is a great addition to your helmet. Not having to take your eyes of the road can save your life. They are also not that difficult to fit if you have a little mechanic know how and are willing to get a little dirty.

You could always leave the video part and just go for a standard bluetooth audio device which will play music and you can take telephone calls with. If you GPS has voice navigation, then you can always hear when to turn. These are nice a affordable and I use them on my helmets. The instructions are easy to follow so fitting them to your helmet is a breeze. They are really worth the money and can make a boring ride a little less dreary by listening to your favorite tracks while carving up the mountain roads or cruising down the highway.

Ride Safe.

Nuviz heads up display video

HUD worth it or not.

Would you spend the money on a HUD or rather save the money.

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    • everythingbike profile image

      Peter 2 years ago from The Road with corners.

      Yeah they are very useful. Being in America, you should be able to get a Skully helmet quite easily. They are only available from December this year and made to order so rather buy sooner than later.

    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 2 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      I had no idea such things were available; this hub will be forwarded to my son, who rides every day. Thanks!