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Heated Car Seat Covers - Seat Warmer Cushion - Heater Pads For Cars

Updated on February 15, 2012

Car seat warmers are a very nice thing to have if your vehicle never came with the built in butt warmers some manufacturers supply as an optional extra. These aftermarket heated car seat cushions are generally designed to plug into the cigarette lighter and almost immediately start providing warmth which is awesome if your car takes a while for it's own heater to warm up. It's not just for keeping warm though as they also provide targeted heat straight to your back and lower body easing aching muscles during an extended period behind the wheel or alleviating medical back and muscle pain you may have.

You can also buy self-installation vehicle seat heating kits should you choose to go that route but a heatable pad is the cheaper and far easier way to go. Some heatable seat pads for cars also feature a massaging function to ease aching muscles on a long journey. If your automobile never came with this functionality then these are one of the best purchases you can make for you vehicle, especially during the cold winter months. They also make great gifts and since they plug into the cigarette lighter to run off 12V you'll be able to use them in any vehicle.

The Benefits Of Heated Car Seats and Warmed Auto Seat Pads

You might think the benefits of buying an car seating pad which heats up on command are obvious but there are multiple reasons why people just love their auto seat warmers.

Firstly, consider the obvious. Many vehicles take a while to warm up before you can turn the heater on and even begin to start warming up the interior of the car. That sucks, especially when it's freezing outside and you've got to leave for work. It either means leaving the motor running for a while before you even get in to it, or climbing in and shivering for a while before things finally start to get toasty. If you work relatively close to home, you might not even get the benefit of the car heater at all!

Automotive seat heaters heat up fast, less than 2 minutes in most cases until they are at the desired heat and naturally, they're warming up all the time until they reach that point. That warmth is applied to you almost immediately, in fact, by the time you leave your driveway, your heated vehicle seat pad could be getting to work warming up your body long before your car's own blower can kick in.

It's not just the speed which is great though, it's the application of warmth right where you need it. If you take a lot of long car journeys, perhaps you commute to work, or you regularly visit family who live miles away, then you'll quickly come to appreciate how the soothing warmness is applied directly to your back and butt area. When you travel, your back gets stiff, butt starts to go numb and generally muscles start to get crampy and achy. It's generally no fun being stuck in your motor vehicle for long periods of time.

A warming seat cushion however, applies calidity directly to your back and buttocks, which is exactly where you need it on those tiresome journeys. The application of heat is always recommended for soothing aching muscles and back pain and that's exactly what a heatable automobile seat cover provides - warmth directly where it aches making those long car journeys much more manageable and leaving you feeling less tired and achy when you finally reach your destination.

The same principle applies if you suffer from back pain in general caused by some underlying medical cause or if you have recently injured your back...or if you've just been hitting the gym hard and are feeling the after effects! Whatever the reason, a heated automotive seat cushion pad is something you will appreciate.

Thirdly, its nice to have for the comfort of others you are driving with. If you travel with other people a lot, then I'm sure think of a number of occassions where one of you wants the vehicle heater on because you/they are feeling chilly whilst the other occupant is feeling just fine...or was, until the heater got turned on and now their sweating and uncomfortable instead! Yup, it's another place where a 12V car cushion is going to come in handy.

These provide heat to the person sitting on it, and ONLY to that person whether passenger or driver. No need to roast everyone else because you've got one passenger with water for blood and equally no need to freeze because someone else in the vehicle is complaining they're feeling faint because it is SO hot. It's a win all around.

Additional Features and Buying Guide To Heated Car Seat Cushions

Electric seat heaters generally offer the same basic function (i.e. they strap to the chair and warm you up) but there are additional features a design differences which you might find more useful to your own personal needs where offered.

For starters, some heated cushions for cars heat up to a fixed temperature whilst others offer adjustable temperature controls so the user can choose the setting they are most comfortable with. This is nice and typically offers low and high settings rather than a wide range of temperature choices.

As previously mentioned, these are all ideal for warming aching muscles and soothing away stress in your back, thigh and butt area. Some offer an AC adapter allowing them to be used not only in your automobile, but also to be transfered to elsewhere in your home or office so you can enjoy the benefits wherever you have a suitable chair.

These 12V chair pads are designed in a one size fits all kind of way and are suitable not just for cars but also for trucks, boats, RV and other automobiles and for any similar kind of seating including office chairs and the like. They attach by strapping themselves securely to the seat or chair in question and are easily removed when need be and are both lightweight and portable so you can move them around without problems. The AC adapter lets you plug them in anywhere there is a suitable plug socket which makes this kind of seat warmer pad useful wherever you go just so long as you are within easy reach of a normal wall socket.

A really useful feature offered by some of the slightly more expensive but still very affordable pads is a back, shoulder and neck massage feature. Therapeutic massaging seat covers offer multiple functionality in one package. You get a warm pad for when you need a little extra warmth on those nasty cold days and a stress relieving massage perfect for soothing away a stressful day as you travel home from work.

Heatable massage pads for cars, trucks, RVs etc. feature strategically placed massage motors in the back, neck and shoulder regions which will destress neck muscles, relieve a tired and aching back and knead tension out of your shoulders. The massage is typically controlled by an on-cord controller which also controls the heat setting for a hard or gentle massage action. You'll never know how much you wanted one of these until you get one and then you'll be in love and wonder why you never thought of it before. They also make a fantastic gift for both men and women.

Seat warmer cushions are made from a variety of hard wearing, durable materials including faux leather, polyester, velour and quilted nylon and are designed to be easy to clean with a quick wipe over with a damp cloth. They are padded to offer maximum comfort and many are designed with lumbar support in mind to promote good posture and by that, to help prevent aches and pains before they happen by promoting proper spine alignment and protecting your back.

Self Install Seat Heater and Butt Warmers

If you would rather not buy a heated padded seat cushion for you car but still want the functionality then you can choose to invest in some aftermarket seat heater kits and install it yourself.

Car seat heater kits are supplied to allow you to make your own butt warmer but you do have to be prepared to get your hands dirty with some installation and wiring. You need to install it under the upholstery and wire it all up so you can control the temperature setting at the push of a button. If you think you are up to this, then there are several companies who offer kits for you to install yourself, or you can get it done professionally but this is liable to set you back a couple of hundred dollars.


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