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Henry Ford Failure discouraged

Updated on May 29, 2016

With blazing machinery, mechanical, after his mother died in 1892, Henry left the family farm to take on the job of maintenance steam machine for a lighting firm Edison's (of the famous inventor Thomas Edison) with salary 75USD per month.

The work in the company of Edison helps Henry is exposed to many types of petrol engines. From there he turned his attention to this engine. In June 1896, he assembled a successful gasoline-car first, called the "Quadricycle" (Quad bike).

In 1898, he created a second car. By this time, his desire is to have enough finances and time to study the production of gasoline cars. You are the Mayor of Detroit William c. Maybury has introduced him to the investor William h. Murphy, a wealthy timber merchant.

The first failure came from the Henry Ford test of the power of steam, ever caused him Burns of boiling water. From beginner lessons, Henry goes into the history books as he the King of the world automobile industry.

With the financial support of Murphy, Henry Ford founded his first company, the Detroit Automobile Company in August 1899 and hold the responsibility of Directors for 150USD per month. In January 1900, the first model of the Detroit companies have appeared on the streets in Detroit with remarkable success.

However, the main shareholder of Detroit began to want to produce more cars to increase profits, while Henry was still technical limitations. His experience at the time only allowed him to produce the 1 car 1 time. Then, Detroit produced a few more cars but the cost too expensive which made the price too high, the car doesn't sell. Finally, the shareholders pay 75USD bankrupt company and Henry in January 1901.

Despite this, many old friends in Detroit still believe Henry. Even some former shareholders of the Detroit companies were holding back a part of Cass Avenue (the old factory of Detroit) to Henry can produce the kind of cars he likes. At this time, Henry attention to race car plate, because this new type of car most of the engine's superior, his strengths.

With the help of his friends, Henry created the car racing 2 cylinder 26 BHP first in mid-1901, at a cost of $ 5,000. He won the same this car in the race with a 40-horsepower cars of the famous racer Alexander Winton in October 1901, Prize $ 1,000 and become famous.


With the reputation as Henry's alcoholic, Murphy and the former shareholders of Detroit Automobile Company founded the company bearing his name, the Henry Ford Company, in November 1901.Henry is the Chief Engineer of the company with 1/6 shares, worth $ 100,000. The goal of the company is production of small car line priced $ 1,000 car. But because racing enthusiasts are, so Henry used most of the time the large type racing car design with 4-cylinder.

This disagreement caused Murphy invited Henry m. Leland, an engineer is esteem of consultant companies. In March 1902, Henry left the Henry Ford Company used his name to deal with, 900USD and design of racing cars. After Henry's departure, Murphy quickly renamed the company the Cadillac Automobile Company.

Although the product was first noticed, the Detroit company by Henry Ford
the Director went bankrupt.

Tom Cooper, a famous cycling champion and rich, contact Henry, suggested he produce for 2 large-sized racing cars. 2 people who have rented a workshop to close 2 race car, the 999 for Henry and the Arrow for Cooper. Their goal is to join the Challenge Cup of the producers in October 1902.

When Assembly is complete the 999, Ford and Cooper the same trials, but no one dare drive it away race, because it has 80-100 HP engine. Finally, Cooper invites you is Barney Oldfield about flying the 999. Barney won the race, Henry's name becomes more critical.

With his reputation, Henry continued to attract more investors, one of them is Alexander y. Malcomson, a coal merchant. They established Ford & Malcomson, Ltd. to produce cheap, small cars.Both rent 1 factory and contracted with the mechanical workshop of John and Horace e. Dodge to buy accessories.

The plant's sales to slow, while the Dodge Brothers demanded money for the first row. No money managed, Malcomson offers more a group of investors and convince the Dodge Brothers to receive shares in the new company, Ford Motor Company. Henry then designed a new car, have run through glacial lakes St. Clair and a record of speed with 147km/hour.

Racer Barney Oldfield so excited with this car should have drive it across the United States, prompting Ford Motor's name is known to the whole country. Ford Motor began to take on the legendary car industry also from there.


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