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Holding your phone in your hand in the car, can get you three days in jail!

Updated on February 14, 2011


Let me tell you!

In Holland it's forbidden, yes it's against the law,

to hold your phone in your hand when you are driving your car.

Since March 2002 it is forbidden to hold a phone in your hand when you are driving.
Still you can phone in your car but it has to be hands free, no other way is allowed.

When you get caught the minimum fine is 150 euro (110 dollars) and the maximum fine is three days in jail AND 2000 euro (1450 dollars).

This is not only in The Netherlands it's in more European countries.

Does it still happen

OOf course it still happens.

We don't have only saints in this country.

When I see a car in front of me that is not driving as it should and it doesn't keep the car straight, I know it's someone who is holding his phone.
I always try to keep the car in front of me or I try to keep the car far behind me.

I don't mind that it's forbidden.

A lot of people have a car kit (so you can call hands free) so it's still possible to call in the car. It's just forbidden to hold your phone in your hand.

Why you get a fine

Here in Holland it's very crowded. It's a small country and we have 16 million people living here. We have to be patient when we drive, there is a lot off traffic and we have a lot of traffic jams.

Ten years ago a lot off people got a phone and since we sit a lot in the car and wait, we take our phone and call. That is not such a big problem, but when you are driving it is!

A lot of accidents happened because people were more busy with their phone then driving. The accidents didn't only happen on the highway but also in areas where a lot of children play. It happened at schools, bus stops, train stations and more places where people are.

A lot of accidents happend because people were driving and holding there phone, because they just had to talk to somebody or had to text somebody.

Let's be honest it is NEVER that important to call or SMS someone, when you have to keep your mind and eyes on the road, you just have to keep your eyes and mind ON the road.

So, in 2002 the government decided that it's not legal anymore to hold your phone and drive.

A lot off company's warn there employees not to call in de the car. When they still do it, the emplyee has to pay the fine.


  • Only call hands free
  • Keep your calls short
  • Don't make important business calls
  • Don't even take a short message
  • Stop your car if you have to make a long call

In other European country's it's also forbidden to hold your phone in your hand.

In Ireland the fine is € 435,= that is 590 dollar.

So, when you want to visit The Netherland or another European county make sure you don't hold you phone in your hand when you are driving a car!!


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